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Are your prices the lowest in Singapore? 

We get this question so frequently that we decided to write it down under our FAQs section. 

First, selling prices of the machines are determined by the brand owners. We are obedient enough to follow the rules of the game.

Secondly, we focus on providing full fledged before and after sales services rather than solely on price competition.

Third, we did not see many salespeople who can provide in-depth knowledge of the machine's operation. On top of that, we have a comprehensive supply of machinery parts and sewing accessories.

Lastly, if there's any operation related issue within 1-year of purchase from us, you're welcomed to come back to us for consultation, with no additional charges. 

In conclusion, at any one period there might be in house promotions that might result in a price differential, one will need to be present in the right place at the right time.


How does your Standard Delivery work?

Delivery is within 3-5 working days from the moment you submit your order.

Is there any time slot that you do delivery?

We deliver any time from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 10pm. 


Do you buy back old machines? 

We do not buy back used domestic sewing machines other than the Traditional Singer Treadle Complete Set or industrial machines. However, we buy them back at scrape value and will arrange our staffs to your place and collect the machine. Instead of selling your old Singer Treadle which will come with a sentimental value, you can consider restoring its cosmetics here or you can trade-in your old machine and enjoy the trade-in price that we offer for your next upgraded machine! Just a quick tip, as the saying goes "old is gold", your treadle machine that existed since decades ago will be of a better quality than it is manufactured today. So think twice before letting it go. 

What is a sewing machine good for a beginner and will not be outdated?

From over 150 years until today, the traditional threadle has never been replaced and still serving its purpose in the market.

This is also a very basic sewing machine that only deliver lock-stitches, which is also the most common type of stitches.

To select a best fit sewing machine model for any user, a lot is depends on the individual's sewing requirements, user experience and application. We will need to understand more of user's profile, in order to recommend correctly. The below are machines designed for basic usage. 

Brother JA1450NT          Singer 8280          Juki HZL-355


How to know whether my machine can sew thick materials like jeans?

Many hobbyist overestimate the capacity of their general usage machines. If you own a basic machine, it is designed for beginners to pick up sewing and to do some mending of thin materials.

If you go onto sewing materials like canvas, denim and leather, chances are you will find yourself with a couple of more skipped stitches and broken needles. Not only that, you will also drive your machine out of its timing and shorten its working lifespan.

Remember, all sewing machines are made with different purpose in mind, although they function similarly.

My controller is not working anymore! Can i purchase a new one from you? 

Don't be too quick to jump into conclusion that the problem lies within the controller - it might be a case of a damaged motor, too. 

Scenario 1 

When you apply pressure onto your controller, your motor runs irregularly and eventually stops running. -

Scenario 2

There is a burning smell coming out from my machine! 

You have a damaged motor. If the motor of your machine can be seen on the outside (external motor), getting a new set (Controller + Motor) would cost you from $58.00 -$98.00. However if your motor is hidden inside the casing, replacement cost will vary depending on models. 

Scenario 3

When you apply pressure onto your controller, the machine does not respond at all. There is no light, no sound of motor running. 

You have a damaged controller. If your controller is damaged you can purchase it from us. However, controllers are not universal and you have to find the correct fit for your machine.

We have summarised the more common controllers in the market with the intent to aid you in making the right choice. 



 Singer Controller-8280-2259-4423-7465



Babylock Controller-eclipse-ovation-imagine-evolution-enlighten       Brother Controller-innovis-15p-35p-55p-nv400-nv600


Brother Controller-innovis-15p-35p-55p-nv400-nv600

Found any identical plug to your machine? Click on the image to reach your new controller! 


If I were bring in my machine today, when can I collect it?

Depending on the depth of the repair
  • 40% can be repair and pass out the next working day
  • Tedious calibration can requires many hours, these cases can be ready in 3-5 working days
  • If parts or PCB troubleshooting are required, then it can take 30 to 45 days

I need to service my machine urgently!! What can I do? 

You can look under our "Operation" FAQ for common errors that hobbyist encounter and try to remedy the problem on your own. If there is still no solution to your problem, you can give our team a call to arrange on-site services and we will, in most cases, complete the repair within an hour or so; subjected to availability of timing. There will be a surcharge of $30.00 for transport for all on-site services. 

Alternatively you can send in the machine to us at our showroom, with an approximate waiting time of 2-3 business days. 

Note: There are exceptional cases for on-site repairs that parts are not readily available and we will require to bring the machines back. If that happens, the service and repair might take longer than usual. 

How frequent do I need to service my sewing machine?

The frequency of servicing machine a sewing machine should be adhered closely to the usage to prolong the machine’s lifespan. As a rule of thumb, a moderate sewer who does 20 hours of sewing in a week should service their machine once every 6 months.

What do we do when we service your machine? 

In the service package that we offer, we have authorised technicians to strip your machine and clean the mechanisms that is responsible for forming every single stitch. Then, we lubricate the necessary moving parts for enhanced operation. In addition, there will be basic adjustments and tuning done to make sure precise standards are met. At the end of it, we will give the machine a full run before we hand it over back to you. 

How many days does it take to service my machine?

Depending on the models of machine and spare parts availability, we usually take 2-4 business days for each job. Exceptional cases can take up to a month. 

After servicing, is there any warranty and support?

Machine repaired by us will be ensured 1-month warranty starting from the completion date. 

I understand that you guys do trade-in, how much value can I get from my machine?

If you have a sewing machine, and you're looking to upgrade it. This question is for you. We accept machines in working and non-working conditions. In our mid tier machines, we offer a special trade-in price for users who walk-in with their used machine. Trade-in discounts will not be available for basic sewing machines, as trading a machine in for a basic machine would be deemed not an upgrade.

Do you do restoration for old treadle machines? 

Yes we do! Please refer to this link for more details!


I just started sewing and my fabric sank into the needle hole of the sewing machine?

This is a common issue that arises when the material that you is too delicate. It happens more frequently when you try to start sewing at the very edge of the fabric. 

Remedy :

1. Lift up the presser footer and attempt to trim away the upper and lower thread that came out of the cloth.


2. Take out the needle plate and remove any excess thread that is lingering around the bobbin case.


3. Put the needle plate back and re-thread the machine if necessary. 

How to Avoid :

Pin a small strip of tissue paper underneath the material to stabilise the fabric. It adds on to the thickness of the material and this it will not sink. You can easily tear it away after its done. 

Another way to both stabilize the fabric and prevent it from sinking into the needle plate is to use what I call a “stitch starter.” This is nothing more than a small scrap of the same fabric that is used as a running board. It helps to make a smooth sewing transition onto the fashion fabric. Start sewing by stitching on the stitch starter. When the stitching reaches the end of the scrap fabric, insert the fashion fabric so it butts up to it. Continue sewing forward one quarter inch, then backstitch to lock the seam, then forward again to complete the seam. Once the seam is complete, separate the fashion fabric from the starter.

Videos you might find helpful:

How to use an Automatic Needle Threader

How to load a Top-Loading Bobbin


Why am I constantly having skip stitches?  

 Skipped stitches are usually due to a bad needle. The needle may have become damaged or bent by sewing material too thick for the needle, forcing material through the feed dog,