What is Ban Soon Care?

Purchase any sewing machine at Ban Soon Clementi, and enjoy your sewing, with the support from Ban Soon Care.

T&C: 1 Year unlimited upon Purchase of New Sewing machine.

You are covered by Ban Soon Care for a year when you purchase a new machine! 

Ban Soon Care package:

- Phone call assistance support.
- Apps Video and photo trouble shooting.
- Walk-in fault finding and rescue.
- 365 FOC consultation for sewing solution.
- Spare set available for rent, for urgent and immediate sewing needs.

 BAN SOON CARE 1 year free unlimited machine training


Why do you need to be covered by Ban Soon Care?


Sewing Machines & Industrial Lockstitch Machines: 

There are two main focus when you are using a sewing machine, One; the preparation & cutting of your fabrics, Two; usage of machines and footers. Ban Soon Care provides you the ease of usage on machines when you are focusing on the preparation of fabrics. By attending our 365 days unlimited training, you can have a smooth journey throughout your sewing experience each time on different projects. Consult us whenever you are having stitches problem or machine issues. We can also advise you on the footers for the stitch pattern you would like to achieve and 1 to 1 demo the installation and usage of the different footers.

Ban Soon Care covers stitch improvement and advise the suitable needles to sew on your materials. We guide you the correct way of using the machine with suitable threads, bobbins, parts etc.

Embroidery Machines & ScanNCut Machine:

We provide the best Embroidery knowledge and create the impossibilities of an embroidery machine. The difficulties of an embroidery machine are not about the machine function, it is the application and materials that are challenging for beginners without any embroidery knowledge. This is why Ban Soon provides Ban Soon Care to take care and eliminate your queries on time. We provide Whatsapp Support, give us a text or even video call to give you support during set-up of your project.

As for ScanNCut machine, Ban Soon Care provide the research on the materials that you want to cut or draw, bring your materials and we shall use our demo set and CanvasWorkspace. We have a team to try different methods and at the end of the day, we will show you the best solution.

Overlock Machine / Serger:

Overlock machine basic models threading and tension adjustments can be a headache and cause frustration. There are 4 threadings (threads) required to be threaded before sewing, the left, right needles & upper, lower loopers. Depending on your materials, tension will affect the result of each overlocking seams.

Therefore, Ban Soon Cares provide training on threading and how to adjust the tension, train on troubleshooting your machine independently. 

 Ban Soon Care Sewing Machine Training at www.Sewing.Sg


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