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Brother New Bobbin Winder Spindle Pulley Rubber Ring - X55238021 Winder Rubber

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$4.60 SGD
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Title: Winder Rubber

Brother New Bobbin Winder Spindle Pulley Rubber Ring

Part No: X55238051

  • Top 10 replacement spares for sewing machine.
  • Usually worn, disintegrate or harden, easily replaceable with a bit of force, onto the rim.
  • These New, Flexible Bobbin Winder Spindle Pulley Rubber Rings are fully
  • Functional with the Brother Home Sewing Machines.

Alternate Part: X55238021, XC4076020


  • 11/16" (17.4mm) Outside Diameter
  • 7/16" (11mm) Inside Diameter
  • 5/32" (3.9mm) Thick of Rubber Ring 

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