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Gunold Solvy Film 20um Water Soluble 50cm x 25m Embossed - 48625

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Title: 100cm x 50cm

Gunold Solvy Film 20um Water Soluble Film 50cm x 25m; Embossed - 48625

MADE IN JAPAN; Polyvinyl Alcohol

With the water-soluble film from Gunold you can protect the embroidery motif from fleece and terry fibers. The foil will be firmly embroidered with your motif and simply removed with water after embroidery.

The advantage of the water-soluble SOLVY FILM 20 embroidery film is the lack of embossing, which makes it easier to see through the film onto the textile. The water-soluble film has a thickness of 20my.

The roll of SOLVY FILM 20um is 50cm wide and 25m long.


- Best for Towel Embroidery and Jacket Embroidery

Gunold Water Soluble Film Stabilizer for Towel

Gunold Water Soluble Film for Towel Embroidery

Gunold Water Soluble Film 10um Jacket Embroidery

How to use Water Soluble Film Stabilizers for embroidery?

Before embroidery

1) Cut the water soluble film and water soluble fabric bigger than your frame

2) Place the water soluble film on top of your towel on the embroidery area

3) Underneath the towel, put Water Soluble Fabric/Solvy Fabric 

4) Frame 3 of the layers together and clamp tight

5) Ready to put onto your embroidery machine to start embroidery.



Gunold Water Soluble Film Stabilizer for Towel

After embroidery:

6) Untighten your frame and take your towel out

7) Peel off the water soluble film on top of your towel

8) Please use a scissors and cut the water soluble fabric at the back of your towel.

9) Wash away instantly using warm water/ put in the washing machine and the stabilizers will be washed off.

Note: Do not throw the pieces of stabilizers that was cut off or peel off, you can use it for the next round of embroidery.

Gunold Water Soluble Film Stabilizer for Towel

Embroidery on Towel:


 Embroidery on 3D SoftToy:

When you did not use a Water Soluble Film Stabilizer

The threads will be pulled under the surface of the towel during embroidery and your result will not be perfect. Please refer to the image below. The side lines are crooked and small designs may seems like skip stitches. 


Embroidery with Water Soluble Fime


Click: Gunold Solvy Film 80um Water Soluble is available too! 

- Thicker Film for badges, lace embroidery etc!