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Schmetz Quick Threading Needle 90/14

Original price $7.50 SGD - Original price $7.50 SGD
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$7.50 SGD
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Size: 80/12

Schmetz Quick Threading Needle

  • 80/12
  • 90/14
Color Code
  • None
  • Universal needle with a slip-in threading slot in the eye.
Fabric Use
  • Numerous - Wovens and Knits.
  • A general purpose needle for effortless threading. Formerly known as a Handicap Needle.
  • Not for use with sensitive fabrics (i.e., silk, microfiber, etc.) because the slot might create pulled threads. It should also not be used for quilting as the fibers of the batting might be pulled out.
  • Not recommended for use with Denim as the structure of the needle eye is too weak.

A sewing machine needle can have a life expectancy of one minute to one month and this really depends on the usage and the operator. It is recommended to insert a new needle at the start of every project, or after about eight hours of sewing. Also, be sure to change your needle whenever it becomes bent, dull or develops a burr.

Damaged or worn needles will result in broken or shredded threads.