Ruffler Foot Niiken (Made in Japan)
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Ruffler Foot Niiken (Made in Japan)

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  • Vendor:Ban Soon Sewing Machine Pte Ltd

Ruffler Foot Niiken (Made in Japan)

Makes ruffles with evenly spaced tucks and gathers

Suitable for most of the sewing machines.

How it works:

When the ruffling blade on the upper portion of the presser foot is moved forward, its teeth catch the fabric and force it forward into gathers or tucks. The interval of tucks can be adjusted.

  • The Difference Between a Gathering / Shirring Foot and a Ruffler Foot:
  • What use to be a tedious and often frustrating technique of manually gathering and pleating fabric can now be achieved effortlessly with either a Gathering foot or a Ruffler foot. Both are great accessories to make your sewing life a little easier and faster. There are, however, a few differences between the two. The fabric is gathered differently with a Ruffler than with a Gathering foot and the end result looks slightly different. The way I see it, the Gathering Foot is great for normal, generic gathers, whereas the Ruffler Foot is more customisable and more versatile.
  • Shirring / Gathering with a Ruffler Foot:
    • Set feed selector to 1 pleat per stitch.
    • Reduce pleat depth to about 2-3mm, depending on fabric type.
    • Set stitch length '4'

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