Ruffler Foot - Low Shank Centre Position
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Ruffler Foot - Low Shank Centre Position

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Ruffler Foot - Low Shank Centre Position

  • The Difference Between a Gathering / Shirring Foot and a Ruffler Foot:
  • What use to be a tedious and often frustrating technique of manually gathering and pleating fabric can now be achieved effortlessly with either a Gathering foot or a Ruffler foot. Both are great accessories to make your sewing life a little easier and faster. There are, however, a few differences between the two. The fabric is gathered differently with a Ruffler than with a Gathering foot and the end result looks slightly different. The way I see it, the Gathering Foot is great for normal, generic gathers, whereas the Ruffler Foot is more customisable and more versatile.
  • Shirring / Gathering with a Ruffler Foot:
    • Set feed selector to 1 pleat per stitch.
    • Reduce pleat depth to about 2-3mm, depending on fabric type.
    • Set stitch length '4'

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