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Prym Wonder Tape

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Prym Wonder Tape is a specific brand of double-sided adhesive tape designed for sewing and crafting. It provides a temporary bond for fabrics, trims, zippers, and other sewing components, allowing for precise positioning without the need for pins. Key features include:

Double Sided: Both sides being adhesive allows for the temporary attachment of materials to one another without the need for pins or clips, facilitating easier handling and adjustment.

Ease of Use: It is simple to apply and reposition, making it ideal for complex sewing projects.

Water-Soluble: The tape dissolves completely in water, ensuring no residue is left on the fabric after washing.

Versatility: Suitable for various fabrics and materials, Prym Wonder Tape is especially useful for hemming, appliqué, and securing seams or zippers before stitching.

Non-Gumming: The tape does not gum up sewing needles, ensuring smooth sewing without causing machine issues.

Overall, Prym Wonder Tape is an essential tool for precise and temporary fabric placement in sewing .