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Pegasus Flatbed Interlock Stitch Machine or Coverstitch Machine. W500PC Series ECO Selection.

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Title: Best Seller - Flatbed interlock, Ho Hsing GD60 Direct Drive Motor, Table, Stand with Castor wheels

Pegasus W500PC Series - Oil Barrier Type, Flatbed, Interlock Stitch Machines

1 Year Warranty + 365 Days Machine Training under Ban Soon Care

Full Set with Table, Stand & Wheels. Free Installation & Delivery Islandwide

  • Built -in Direct Drive Motor by PEGASUS.
  • Cost Saving - 70% electric saving with Direct Drive Motor
  • High Power - High-performance 550W Pegasus made motor as compared to normal 400W.
  • Dust Prevention - Dust seal at Upper looper mechanism prevents dust from entering the machine via the Upper looper shaft.
  • Prevents Installation mistakes and minimizes installation time
  • Concealed casing design prevents dust from entering the motor coil, eliminating maintenance problems.
  • Maximize direct-drive motor transmission by original factory installation.

Sewing Guru - 365-day Customer Support and online consulting Covered by 1 year Ban Soon Care inclusive
365 days of free consulting, in-house training at, after-sales services upon purchase new sewing machines with Ban Soon Sewing Machine Pte Ltd. 

Sewing Guru - Sewing classes and Product Design Sessions

Research & Development: Consult us with the possibility of each sewing machines, embroidery machines, overlock machines, ScanNCut machines and coverstitch machines that you can achieve.

Show us the sewing patterns result that you desire, we will research and provide you the easiest solutions and the tools for a smooth  sewing experience. 

Sewing Guru - Trade-in options and replace machine Trade-in options available and replace your old machines with upgrade program.
Sewing Guru - Experience wide range of demo products Experience all the demo & display machines at our showroom - Bring your dedicated materials and test drive it. We will recommend the most suitable machine for you based on your profile [not the most expensive machines]. 
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Cash, PayNow [Recommended - Paperless] , PayLah [Recommended - Paperless] ,

Bank Transfer, NETS, Cheque Credit/Debit Cards, Installment*, and etc.

Sewing Guru - Home Training Session Sewsol Equipment Sharing available - Wide range selection of Sewing Machines, Embroidery Machines, Software, ScanNCut Machine, Serger or Overlock Machines, Coverstitch Machines, Cylinder Bed Unison Feed Machines for Leather*, Industrial Machines etc.
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Pegasus W500PC Series Interlock Stitch Machine Highlights

Adopting a State-Of-The-Art "Oil Barrier" Technology

The needle bar include a newly designed oil seal and bushing, exerting dramatic "Oil Barrier" effectiveness, preventing oil leakage and oil splashes.

And maintenance is very simple and easy, such as change the oil seal.

This "Oil Barrier" feature completely blocks even one drop of oil leaking from the needle bar and the relevant parts while the machine is running, and even while the machine is stopped at night.

Thanks to this stable lubrication and high "Oil Barrier" effectiveness, the P model machines protect your important sewn products against oil stains.

This feature reduces oil stains on sewn products, decreasing the use of stain remover. The W500PC is a reliable sewing machine that creates a clean work environment and contributes to global environmental protection

Pegasus W500PC Series Interlock Stitch Machine Features


  • Needle bar stroke can be changed easily, depending on thickness of sewing materials.
  • Spreader holder has alignment mark. Reinstalling the spreader is easy
  • Gauge parts are the same like W500P
  • New type of oil-seal in the top of needle bar bushing.
  • Micro-adjuster effortlessly makes fine adjustments for the looper front-to-back position.
  • Equipped with the needle thread take-up and safety protection that is the same as W500P type.
  • Oil circulation by oil pump and equipped with oil filter.
  • Swing in and out looper thread take-up for easier threading.

Common Specifications

Number of Needles: 2 - 4 Needles
Number of Threads: 3 - 6 Threads
Needle Space: 2 - Needles (3.2mm/4.0mm/4.8mm)* , 3 - Needles (4.8mm/5.6mm/6.4mm)
Main Feed Movement: 1.2 - 4.4mm (Push Button)
Diff. Feed Ratio: 1:0.5 - 1:1.3 (Lever that can be adjusted intermittently)
Presser Foot Lift: Max. 6.1mm (Standard Lift), 7.4mm (High Lift)
Max. Machine Speed: 6000 sti/min

*5.6mm and 6.4mm gauges are achieved by removing the middle from the machines with gauges 3-needles machines.
*Detail of common specifications may change depending on subclasses and sewing conditions.

Plain Seaming 3 Threads Light to Medium Fabric

Stitch length adjustment Push-button
Differential feed ratio adjustment Lever
Lubrication Fully-automatic
Fabric Weight Light~Medium
Max. machine speed(sti/min) 7,000 (5500 with DDM)
No. of needles 1
No. of threads 3
Needle space(mm) -
Overedge width 4
Max Stitch Length (mm) 3.8
Available Needle Size DCx27 #9 (65) to DCx27 #14
Diff Feed Ration 0.7-1.7
Presser Foot Lift (mm)

Pegasus W500PC Series Interlock Stitch Machine Accessories and Parts

High Mobility Parts (Click):

 Organ Needles DCx27 (Various sizes)

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