Overlock Foot / Overcasting Foot
Presser Foot

Overlock Foot / Overcasting Foot

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Overlock Foot / Overcasting Foot

  • The overlock foot is used to add a seam finish at the edge of the seam allowance.
  • An overlock foot to finish off raw edges on seams can be an "alternative' to using a serger/overlocker, if you do not already have an Overlocking machine

Guarantee to fit :

Brother model GS3700, GS2500, JV, JA, NV, A series

Singer 8280, 2259, 4423,4432,4452

Juki HZL-355ZW-C ,HZL LB5100, HZL-357ZP-C/CE HZL 12 Z/CE, DX2000QVP





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    • hi, can i use this for the brother type as1430s?

      Yes. This universal Overlock Foot can be used on any Brother sewing machines.