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Newlong NP-7A Bag Closing Machine (From Japan) | New Long NP7A Portable Bag Sealer

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Newlong NP-7A Bag Closing Machine (From Japan)

The economical, high-speed New long NP-7A Portable Bag Closer with steel cam provides a long, minimum maintenance service life. Engineered for continuous operation, the single thread chain stitch bag closer has a top speed of 1,600 rpm.

The NP-7A closes bags of agricultural products,rice, animal feeds, fertilizer, flour, chemicals and other pelleted and powder materials. The versatile closer also sews on horizontal surfaces and can be used to join two fabrics. NP-7A closes virtually every type of bag, including kraft paper, cotton, hessian, jute, PP/PE woven cloth as well as other bag materials.

The portable closer is equipped with safety plastic handle for insulation.

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NewLong NP-7A Bag Closing Machine Highlights

The often imitated Newlong NP-7A is a portable single thread chainstitch filled bag closing machine designed for closing bags made of kraft paper, cotton, jute, PP/PE woven cloth and other bag materials.

The NP-7A has a robust construction for reliable operation with minimal maintenance. Specially designed features extend the life of the equipment; plastic shock resistant isolation handle, automatic oiling system for lubrication of moving components, extra wide feed dogs, automatic thread cutting and our improved steel cam.

NewLong NP-7A Bag Closing Machine Features


  • ISO# 101 Chainstitch formation.
  • Oil pump lubrication
  • High speed; 220~240 volt
  • Fixed stitch length of 3 stitches per inch
  • Adjustable tension for a tighter closure
  • Automatic thread cutting
  • Lightweight 6kg (13 lb.) machine requires minimum maintenance
  • Made in Japan

NewLong NP-7A Bag Closing Machine Accessories and Parts

  • 1 Bottle of Oil
  • 1 pack (4 pcs) Needle  DNx1 #25
  • 1 Piece of White Bag Closer Thread
  • 1 Screw Driver 
  • 1 Belt
  • 1 Carbon Brush

*Accessories content might vary and manufacturers reserve the right to change the content and/or accessories with similar value without prior notice.

Please check the product manual for the detailed list of included accessories.

Dimension: 41cm (Length) X 37.5cm (Height) X 28cm (Width)
Weight: 3.4kg

Optional Accessories

Use the Spring Balancer and Hanger to suspend Newlong NP-7A from ceiling

Click: Spring Balancer and Hanger Available

New Long NP7A + Spring Balance Unit & Hanger

Additional Accessories Order (Please Click):

1) Bag Closer Thread White

2) Bag Closer Thread Other Colours

3) Bag Closer Thread Thick Thread

4) Needle (DNx1 #25) 


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