Narrow Hemmer Foot (Brother Original) (F002N) - 7mm (XC1946052)
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Narrow Hemmer Foot (Brother Original) (F002N) - 7mm (XC1946052)

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Narrow Hemmer Foot (Brother Original)

  • Designed to automatically fold and sew a hem in lightweight fabrics. It makes a narrow rolled hem easily for machine sewing with width 5mm or 7mm. 
  • Purpose: To create a flat narrow hem on lightweight fabrics.
  •  Best to use Hemmer Foot with a sewing machine with width /Needle adjustment knob so that you can Shift your needle left or right when you are sewing straight stitch with Hemmer Foot.
  • Suitable for all Brother Domestic Sewing Machine.
  • Outcome: 2. 5mm width Hemming

Note: 5mm or 7mm width is not the measurement outcome of the narrow hem. It meant the machine width adjustment and the feeddog needle hole width measurement. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ask the Gurus
  • Hi, Can this foot be used on my FS-101 brother machine? Narrow Hemmer Foot (Brother Original) / XC1946052 / F002N Thanks

    Hi, Yes. You can use this Narrow Hemmer Foot F002N on any Brother machines.