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Metallic Embroidery Thread Silver

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Color: Gold

Metallic Embroidery Thread

  • First, a good metallic thread should unwind from a spool or cone smoothly. Lower-quality metallic embroidery threads will often coil up and look like a phone cord. The thread will often have extra stress when it passes through the needle. The extra twist will cause kinks which will break the thread when they arrive at the needle. We recognise the importance of quality when using metallic embroidery thread. Superior's metallic embroidery thread will eliminate this issue. We guarantee our metallic embroidery thread will run problem-free on your machine. Our video on metallic thread will help explain some of these issues visually.
  • Second, you want to use a metallic embroidery thread that has been produced with quality materials. The metallic embroidery thread we sell is composed of several parts. The metallic thread begins with an extra-strength nylon core, and is then wrapped with rice paper. An adhesive with an oxidation-preventative coating is then applied to protect the core. The core is then wrapped with a pure silver coating and covered in gold colouring. Lastly, the strand of metallic thread receives a polyester shell to keep everything together and help the thread run smoothly through the machine.