Lace Applicator Foot for Coverstitch
Presser Foot

Lace Applicator Foot for Coverstitch

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Lace Applicator Foot for Coverstitch

  • Use this foot for guiding lace onto ypur fabric with a 2-thread flatlock .
  • Use the guide to attach ribbon to your fabric undeer a cover stitchåÊ
  • Attach decorative trim by combinre an overlock stitch with chain stitch .
  • Follow your ' quick refernce threading guide for various stitches and the setting .
  • Original Parts For Babylock Model: BLCS
  • Loosen adjustable screw on the top of the footåÊ
  • Raise the presser footåÊ
  • Place fabric right side up under the the foot up to the cutting blade.
  • Insert lace right side down into the guide and under the foot against the right side .
  • Algin right edge of guide eith placement of right edge of lace.
  • Move the guide right or left and lower the presser foot .
  • Check guide position and tighten the screw .

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