Kretzer Finny - 752020 - Safe Cut: Universal Scissor

Kretzer Finny - 752020 - Safe Cut: Universal Scissor

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Kretzer Finny - 752020 - Safe Cut: Universal Scissors

  • 8.0" / 20cm
  • 100% Made in Germany (Solingen)
  • Stainless steel, high quality
  • Stable blade with SAFECUT-grinding (Special sharpening design for safety)
  • Secure blunted, round tip
  • Cuts paper, board, textiles and lots more but protects the skin!
  • Specially designed to avoid cut accidents.
  • The blades are equipped with flat-cut sides and rounded tips.
  • Safety Scissors are equipped with universal grips and are therefore suitable for both left- and right-handed use.
  • The blades cut with normal amount of force possible in the skin but cut effortlessly include fabric, cardboard, paper and plastic.
  • Very practical, for example the food industry, sheltered workshops, first aid stations and schools but also great for the office or for household use.
  • Also suitable as a fabric scissors.

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