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Portable Sewing Machine Juki TL 2200 QVP | Use widely by Fashion Designers, Semi-pros. Mini Quilting Machine Juki TL2200QVP mini

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Title: Juki TL2200QVP mini


Juki TL-2200QVP Mini Quilting Industrial Machine

Warranty: Two-years carry-in warranty + FREE 1 year in-house Training.


The Juki TL 2200QVP Mini is a high-class quality stitch machine as well as professional quilter favorite. They impress you with adjustable speed up to 1500 stitches per minute via a slider switch, which make it suitable for any of your sewing project. The powerful puncture strength, the large working area and the powerful LED light output makes the Juki TL 2200QVP Mini, one of the best sewing machine to own. Juki TL 2200QVP Mini are manufactured from die cast aluminium body, that makes it stable and yet manageable to move around.



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Juki TL-2200QVP Mini Quilting Industrial Machine Features

This solid body reduces vibrations while sewing and ensures quality stitching. With its robust mini double rotary hook guarantees the Juki TL 2200QVP a perfect finish of any material. The Juki TL 2200QVP Mini as well as a manual bedienbarem Automatic Thread Cutter features a foot switch, using which can be operated the automatic thread cutter. It's comes with an extra open-toe quilting foot, and an improved walking foot which no machine have does not come together.


  • Sewing Speed: Mix. 55 - Max. 1,500SPM
  • Stitch Length: Max. 6mm
  • Lift of the Presser Foot: By lever Max. 9mm, by knee lifer Max. 12mm
  • Neelde: HA x 1 (130/705H) #7-#18 (HL x 5 #9-#16)
  • Dimensions: 452(W)x350(H) x 219(D)mm
  • Weight (machine only): 11.5Kg / 25.4Lb
  • Auxiliary table (dimensions): 590(W) x 355(D)mm
  • Lamp: LED
  • Hook: Horizontal-axis Full-rotary Hook
  • Speed Control Adjustment
  • Export Packing Dimensions: 655 x 355 x 455 mm
  • Export Packing Weight:17.5 kg



Juki TL-2200QVP Mini Quilting Industrial Machine Highlights

Key Features for Juki TL-2200QVP

Major Features
Sub Tension Unit
The Sub Tension Unit ensures thread feeding to the needle is smooth,even and twist free, no matter how thick your thread is. It also keeps the thread from quivering when sewing at high speeds and provides accurate,fine tuned thread tension.
Automatic Needle Threader
The automatic needle threader quickly and easily threads the needle without eyestrain, allowing you to change thread colors as often as you wish.
Maximum Sewing Speed Control
Easily control your sewing speed from 200 to 1,500 SPM with the adjustable slide. This will give you complete control of your sewing speed in both piecing and free motion quilting.

Foot Controller with thread trimming function
It is possible to automatically trim both needle and bobbin threads by pressing the heel side of foot controller.

 The thread trimming function can be disabled by attaching a Foot Switch Stopper to the controller.

LED Light
White LED light brightens the needle area for better material handling.
Needle Up/Down Control
Change the needle position to up or down as desired by simply pressing the up/down needle button.
When the button is pressed continuously, the machine will sew stitch by stitch.
Knee Lifter Lever
The knee lifter lever allows you to lift/lower the presser foot without using your hands.
The presser foot can be raised as high as 12mm.
Automatic Thread Trimmer
With your automatic thread trimmer you can trim both the needle and bobbin threads simultaneously as desired.
Enjoy the same thread trimming mechanism as many of our Juki Industrial Sewing Machines.
Heavy-Weight Materials are sewn with Ease
The speed control mechanism, operated by microcomputer, allows the machine to sew materials at low speeds. This provides for accurate feed and perfect stitching when sewing heavy weight fabrics, quilting and multiple layers of materials.
Thread Tension Scale
The machine also has the thread tension scale, which allows you to adjust the tension according to the thread and material to be used.
Horizontal-axis Full-rotary Hook
Create perfectly balanced stitches for beautiful seams.
Bobbin thread tension is also adjustable.
Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment
Presser foot pressure may be adjusted to accommodate different fabric thickness by turning the regulator dial located on the top of the machine.
Drop Feed
The feed dog can be raised and lowered simply by depressing a switch. When quilting, the drop feed allows you to sew curved stitches with ease.



Juki TL-2200QVP Mini Quilting Industrial Machine Accessories and Parts

Included Accessories with 9 footers for Juki TL-2200QVP

  • 1/4" Presser Foot

Side Guide Creates 1/4 inch seams for perfect piercing.

  • Even Feed Foot

Powerfully feeds multiple fabric layers from both top and bottom without shifting.

  • Quilt Guide for Even Feed Foot

Measures rows for evenly spaced quilt lines.

  • Quilting Foot Front Open Toe

Allows for more visibility during free motion quilting.

  • 1/5" Quilting Foot

Use for free motion quilting to glide smoothly and evenly over quilt layers.

  • 1/4" Quilting Foot

Create equally spaced free motion quilting lines, perfect for echo quilting.

  • Hemming Foot

For hemming stitch with rolled fabric (3mm)

  • Zipper Attaching Foot

Presser position can be moved to right or left.

  • Foot Switch Stopper

The heel side switch function can be disabled.

  • Knee Lifter Lever

Allows you to lift/lower the presser foot without using your hands

  • Auxiliary Table

Easy to handle large work pieces or fabric rolls for sewing and quilting

Juki TL2200QVP mini quilting machine


Juki TL2200qvp mini Standard Accessories

Optional Footer for Juki TL-2200QVP Mini Quilting Industrial Machine

  • Compensating Foot (Right 7.0mm)

To sew 7.0mm from overlapped seam

  • Quilting Foot Side Open Toe Free Motion Table

Designed to be used with the Juki Free Motion Table, this foot is open for optimal visibility. Part No. 40166734

  • Solid Cording Foot (Right/Left)

For edge sewing and fastener attaching

  • Hinged Cording Foot

Suitable for edge sewing and overlapped seam

  • Hinged Zipper Foot

Narrow width of foot feeds zipper smoothly

  • Piping Foot

To attach corded piping

  • Smooth Foot

For hard-to-feed fabrics such as vinyl cloth, leather

  • Foot & Throat Plate for Thin Fabric

The small hole of throat plate prevents material puckering

  • Throat Plate for Thick Fabric

The large hole of throat plate is suitable for thick needle

  • Magnetic Gauge

To guide edge of fabrics

  • Echo Quilting Foot

Echo quilting is easy with this free motion quilting foot. Built in guide lines measure the rows for evenly spaced quilt lines. Part No. 40166739

  • Compensating Foot (Right/Left 1.5mm)

For sewing side of overlapped seam (1.5mm )

  • Swing Gauge

To guide edge of fabrics (set by 2 screws)

  • 1/4" Quilting Foot (for Ruler)

Using this foot with quilt rulers allows you to create precision designs and perfect straight lines. Part No. 40166729


  • Invisible Zipper Foot

For installation of concealed zipper

Download Files:

Accessories content might vary and manufacturers reserve the right to change the content and/or accessories with similar value without prior notice.

Please check the product manual for the detailed list of included accessories.

Juki TL-2200QVP Mini Quilting Industrial Machine Specifications

Note: Above dimensions not inclusive of Box and Accessories.  

Dimension and Gross weight with Box: 66cm x 36cm x 45cm 16kg

High Mobility Parts:

1) Additional Bobbins: Bobbins for Semi Industrial & Industrial Sewing Machines

2) Bobbin Storage Box

3) Additional Needles: Schmetz High Speed HL x 5


Juki TL-2200QVP Mini Quilting Industrial Machine Review

Quilters around the world have been waiting for a specialized machine like the TL-2200QVP. Discover the impressive 18 inches of horizontal throat space between the arm of the machine and the needle. Since it's a mechanical, straight stitch machine, it definitely feels different. It's kind of like driving a new car, it takes some getting used to. The stitches are beautiful and I love all the space and visibility! There aren't a bunch of features to talk about here it's a very simple machine which is perfect for traditionalists and newcomers who just yearn for the basics. It has a nice big foot petal and a knee-lift, another neat feature!



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