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Juki HSM Invisible Zipper Foot

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Juki HSM Invisible Zipper Foot

  • Part Number: 40080955
  • For HZL-L Series, Juki HZL LB5100, LB5020 

Instructions (Given in product)

  1. Check the zipper opening size. Install the standard presser foot (A). 
  2. Put the invisible zipper on the fabric so that its center meets the seam line. Place a cardboard between the seam allowance and front fabric. Manually baste both sides of seam allowances and zipper tapes. Upon completion of basting, remove the cardboard. 
  3. Undo the Basting stitch seam to the bottom of opening as shown in the sketch give in Step 1. Then, open the zipper.
  4. Aligning the teeth of either zipper tape with the groove on the zipper foot, sew the zipper at the very edge of the teeth from the end of opening while raising the teeth with fingers.
  5. Sew the remaining zipper tape on the other side of seam allowance in the same procedure. (The lower portion of zipper tape located below the bottom of the opening will remain loose without sewn on the seam allowance.)
  6. Take out the slider and pull it our to appear on the right side of the fabric.