Juki DDL 8000AP Series Direct Drive, High Speed with Assisted Presser Lifter or Motor driven Presser Lifter, Lockstitch Machine
Industrial Lockstitch Machine

Juki DDL 8000AP Series Direct Drive, High Speed with Assisted Presser Lifter or Motor driven Presser Lifter, Lockstitch Machine

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Juki DDL-8000APMS, Direct Drive, High Speed, Lockstitch Machine with Auto Thread Trimmer and Voice Guidance

  • 1 year  warranty + Free 1 Year machine training in house at Clementi
  • Free installation & Delivery Local Islandwide + Demo upon Delivery
  • JUKI's next-generation sewing system.
  • JUKI has launched an advanced where JUKI's digital adjustments are fully digitalized. The settings can be reproduced with total accuracy to perfectly suit the materials being sewn.
  • The DDL-8000A Series maintains JUKI's established seam quality and is provided with narrowed-down essential and simplified functions. It helps improve the work efficiency through operator assistance with its audio guidance.
  • Replacement Model of Juki DDL900B-S/-H/

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Juki DDL-8000A series High Speed Lockstitch Machine Features

  • DDL-8000A series M type has incorporated the Semi Dry Head with the frame that does not requires lubrications. Oil stains on products sewn, are greatly reduced, thereby improving quality and productivity.
  • DDL8000A also comes with a Voice Guidance and clock function.
  • With 2 USB port, sewing data can be transmitted easily and safely. 
  • Auto power saving by turning OFF back light, when operation panel is not in use for a period of time. (Setting time: 1 to 20 min).
  • LED hand light can be set and adjustable up to 5 different levels brightness. 
  • Management, browsing and editing of data can be carried out on the application software .
  • Data on sewing machine adjustments can be transferred to an Android tablet or phone via the Juki Smart App via NFC or micro USB. This allows all settings to be calibrate once and then replicated across all machines on one sewing line.
  • Custom functions can be programed to the hand switch
  • This is the newest flagship lockstitch machine from JUKI, a manufacturer which aims for genuine quality, every minute of the day.


Juki DDL-8000A Industrial Lockstitch Machine Highlights



  • Direct Drive, Digital, Semi-Dry Lubrication; Medium Weight


    • Semi-dry

    Max. sewing speed

    • 5,000 sti/min

      Max. stitch length

      • 5mm


        Bar Stroke : 30.7mm

        Needle type: DBX1; Applicable Size: 9/65 to 18/110.

          Lift of the presser foot

          By Hand: 5.5mm, By Knee: 8.5mm to 15mm

          Voice guidance for assisting the operator

          This sewing machine is provided as standard with the voice guidance with clock function 

          Production support function

          The target number of products, work progress (current number of products produced, achievement rate) and the operating rate of the sewing machine are displayed on the control panel provided that the initial data have been properly set.

          LED Light installed

          Juki DDL8000ALED Light 

          New Standalone USB ports that can charge phone & insert Thumbdrive

          Juki DDL8000A Industrial Sewing Machine


          Model name DDL-8000AS-MS DDL-8000AS-SH DDL-8000AB-MS DDL-8000AB-SH
          Specification Standard type Shorter-thread remaining type
          Application Medium-weight Heavy-weight Medium-weight Heavy-weight
          Lubrication Semi-dry Minute-quantity lubricationy Semi-dry Minute-quantity lubricationy
          Max. sewing speed 5,000sti/min 4,500sti/min 5,000sti/min 4,500sti/min
          Max. stitch length 5mm
          Needle DB×1 (#11) #9~#18 DB×1 (#21) #20~#23 DB×1 (#11) #9~#18 DB×1 (#21) #20~#23
          Lift of the presser foot By hand : 5.5mm, Auto : 1st stage 8.5mm, 2nd stage 13.0mm, By knee: 15mm




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