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Juki DDL-5550N; Sewing Machine Complete Set with Table, Stand and Motor. DDL5550N Series Single Needle, Lockstitch Machine. Extremely low noise, low vibration and easily deliver superb stitch quality. Made in Japan Light to medium weight + Servo Motor

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Description: Light to medium weight + Servo Motor

Juki DDL-5550N Series Single Needle, Lockstitch Machine

1 Year Warranty + Free 1 Year Machine Training In-house at Clementi
Free Installation & Delivery Local Islandwide + Demo upon Delivery

  • An energy-saving servomotor is available.
  • The thread take-up lever which provides a wider sewing range is adopted.
  • Needle bar stroke is 35 mm, With this feature, the sewing machine is able to sew many different types of materials ranging from light-weight ones to medium-weight denim.

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Juki DDL-5550N Lockstitch Machine Highlights

The thread take-up mechanism, feed mechanism, thread paths and hook have been further improved to enhance responsiveness to material changes and to ensure consistent stitch quality.

Juki DDL-5550N Industrial Lockstitch Machine Features

Sure Thread Trimming Mechanism (DDL-5550N-7)

The machine comes with a thread trimming mechanism that performs speedy and sure thread trimming to achieve highly efficient sewing work.

Higher Lift of the Presser Foot

The ample lift of the presser foot makes it easier to set or remove materials or to sew overlapping sections.

Newly Developed Control Box SC-920/ Compact-size Servomotor M92

The new model control box SC-920C has been newly developed. The control box is resistant to voltage fluctuations, noise and vibration.
The new model control box is provided with an energy-saving mode for the first time in a control box for sewing machines.
It reduces power consumption during standby time when the motor is not rotating by approximately 25% (in comparison with the SC-910N).
In addition, the current DDL-5550N-7 is lavished with the latest energy-saving technologies, including the adoption of the latest compact servomotor M92, to be more friendly to theenvironment, as well as to provide the power reducing effect and to increase productivity.

The operation panel CP-18A and CP-180A can be selected according to the process

Two different operation panels, the CP-18A and CP-180A are applicable to the DDL-5550N-7. Both operation panels are provided with the production support function.
The production support function actually consists of three different functions (six different modes).

Juki DDL-5550N Lockstitch Machine Accessories and Parts

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