Walking Foot with Quilting Guide (Janome Original) Janome #214874024
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Walking Foot with Quilting Guide (Janome Original) Janome #214874024

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Janome Walking Foot with Quilting Guide

  • For low shank top loading sewing machine.
  • The even feed foot, sometimes referred to as the walking foot, is designed with a set of feed dogs which allow the fabric to feed without shirting and eliminates the problem of the under layer of fabric coming up short. The even feed foot is also great for topstitching, which can be spoilt due to irregularity of stitching. This is often caused by the bulk created with the seam allowance especially around collars and reveres. using the walking foot for topstitching will eliminate this problem and give perfect stitching every time.
  • Helps fabric feed more smoothly. With this foot, fabric can be sewn without shifting or puckering since the fabric is held and led by both upper and lower feed dogs. It works well with material like lawn, knit, vinyl or leather.
  • How to attach the walking foot on the machine:
    • Turn off the power switch.
    • Raise the needle and presser foot.
    • Loosen the set screw on the foot holder to remove it.
    • Attach the walking foot to the presser bar with the lever on the needle clamp, and secure it with the screw.
    • Operate the machine at low to medium speed.
  • How to attach the quilting guide on the walking foot:
    • Push the quilting guide downward into the slot.
    • Set the desired quilting width by moving the guide right or left.
  • Part No. : Janome #214874024
  • Best for Janome S3, HD2200, HD1000, HD3000, W18, Janome Sewists 525S etc

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      • Hi! Can I check which walking foot is suitable for Janome Sewist 525s model?

        Yes. This is compatible with Janome Sewist 525S model.