Janome MB7 Seven -Needle Embroidery Machine (Made in Japan)
Embroidery Machine

Janome MB7 Seven -Needle Embroidery Machine (Made in Japan)

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Janome MB7 Seven -Needle Embroidery Machine (Made in Japan)

The MB-7 is the perfect tool to help you conquer your next embroidery project. This innovative machine is built to work with embroidery formats used by industry professionals such as .jef+, .jef and .dst. With 50 built-in embroidery designs and 10 fonts for monogramming, a USB port to easily import designs and a maximum speed of 800 SPM, the possibilities are endless. All embroidery operations are noticeably faster and smoother on the MB-7. You will be impressed with your project's professional-finished results.

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Janome MB7 7-Needle Embroidery Machine Features


The MB-7 is the perfect tool for conquering your next embroidery project. This unique & innovative machine is built to work with embroidery formats used by industry professionals such as .jef+, .jef and .dst. Featuring 50 built-in embroidery designs & 10 fonts for monogramming, a USB port to easily import designs and a maximum speed of 800 SPM, the possibilities are endless. Each embroidery operation will be noticeably faster and much smoother on your MB-7. Your next project's professional-finished results will definitely leave an impression.


    Janome MB7 7-Needle Embroidery Machine Highlights

    Key Features for Janome MB7

    • Single Head 7 needle professional-style embroidery machine
    • 5.7" Remote Computer Screen (RCS)
    • Extra large bobbin - 40% larger than a regular bobbin
    • 6 White LED lamps over needle area
    • 50 built-in designs
    • 10 fonts for monogramming
    • 2 and 3 letter monogramming
    • Maximum embroidery size: 9.4" x 7.9"
    • Design transfer via USB
    • Embroidery sewing speed up to 800 SPM
    • Embroidery format capability: .jef+, .jef and .dst
    • Editing functions include resize, rotate, flip, save, group, re-edit, zoom, duplicate, monogram and combine
    • Programmable jump thread trimming
    • Flexible stitch traveling
    • Auto return post thread break
    • Adjustable hoop positioning
    • Thread brand selection includes Janome, Robison-Anton, Madeira, Mettler
    • Upper thread and presser foot sensors
    • Stitch-out time indicator
    • Stitch counter
    • Independent bobbin winder
    • Embroidery area tracing
    • Compatible with Tajima hoops
    • Includes 8 spool pins
    • Includes instructional DVD
    • Portable; total weight is only 50 lbs

    Compact with Beautiful Design

    Janome MB7 compact machine

    Easy attach embroidery hoop and easy to locate the design

    Janome MB7 hoop attaching

    Standard Hoop include tiny hoop for small area

    Janome MB7 embroidery hoops

    Super Strong machine and quality solid stitch

    Janome MB7 stitch

    Extra large LCD panell with color editing screen

    Janome MB7 large LCD editing screen


    Janome MB7 7-Needle Embroidery Machine Accessories and Parts

    Standard Accessories for Janome MB7

    • Needle Set Pkt 10 (DBxK5Q1-NY #11)
    • Bobbin x 5 (metal)
    • Thread Nets x 8
    • Seam Ripper
    • Embroidery Scissor
    • Tweezers
    • Screwdriver (flat)
    • Screwdriver (small)
    • Screwdriver offset (phillips head)
    • Screwdriver (large)
    • Oil
    • Lint Brush sml
    • M1 Hoop 240mm x 200mm with template 240x200mm
    • M2 Hoop 126mm x 110mm with template 126x110mm
    • M3 Hoop 50mm x 50mm with template 50x50mm
    • Felt Ring 8 small
    • Felt Ring  8 large
    • Spool Holder (large) x 8
    • Thread cone supporter x 8
    • Handy Needle Threader
    • Accessory Box
    • USB Cable
    • Power lead
    • Instruction Book
    • Instructional DVD

    Optional Accessories

    • Anna Maria Horner Embroidery Kit
    • Bobbin Cases (multi-needle embroidery)
    • CD-Rom Drive
    • Lettering Hoop Holder Unit
    • MB-4 Support Table
    • Hat Hoop for Multi-Needle
    • Needle Threader
    • Needles (embroidery)
    • No. 1 Lettering Hoop J7 ()110x95)
    • No. 11 Lettering Hoop J1 (30mm)
    • No. 12 Lettering Hoop J1 (30mm)
    • No. 13 Lettering hoop J3 (64x28)
    • No. 2 Lettering Hoop J6 (66x66)
    • No. 3 Letting Hoop J5 (25x54)
    • No. 6 Lettering Hoop J2 (25 x 54)
    • No. 7 Lettering Hoop J8 #7 (120x121)
    • No. 8 Lettering Hoop J4 (42x67)
    • No. 9 Lettering Hoop J6 (66x66)
    • Seam Ripper
    • Sock Hoop Kit
    • Spool stand

    Machine Weight : 23 kg

    Download Files:

    Accessories content might vary and manufacturers reserve the right to change the content and/or accessories with similar value without prior notice.

    Please check the product manual for the detailed list of included accessories.


    Janome MB7 7-Needle Embroidery Machine Review

    The MB-7 is the next generation of the multi-needle embroidery machine from Janome. When compared to the Janome MB-4, the MB-7 can deliver embroidery designs faster with its capacity to work with up to seven threads while the MB-4 can handle only 4. The MB-7 weighs 50 pounds, approximately five pounds more than the MB-4. The MB-7 allows users to optimise more functions with the display board: resize, rotate and flip embroidery designs as well as group, re-edit, combine and duplicate designs. Both machines come with 50 on board embroidery designs and 10 monogramming fonts. They both have a maximum embroidery field of 9.4"x 7.9", come with three embroidery hoops as standard accessories and both machines are compatible with JEF; JEF+ and DST embroidery formats. In contrast to the MB4, the MB7 has open case bobbins, which may troubles you a little should the threads are tangled up. However, the easy design and guiding of the thread should solve that problem with ease. The Janome MB7 can be truly daunting for those new to sewing (look at all the needles!). It will undoubtedly take some time to familiarise yourself with all the functions offered by MB7. On the other hand, if your sewing skills are strong enough, and you are a machine embroidery enthusiast, you might very well be a viable candidate for moving up to the Janome MB-7. Space is also a major consideration following the MB7. If your sewing room is large enough to accommodate a traditional size sewing machine, you will be able to accommodate the MB-7 with very little adjustment to your sewing space. The Janome MB-7 is an excellent choice for anyone who spends at least 50 percent of their time in the sewing room on machine embroidery projects of all sizes.


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Ask the Gurus
    • I have the mb7 and can not get smooth stitches. They are loopy. I am really disappointed in this machine. Traded my mb4 and I can not get a good design to sew out. I really feel like I need the machine to be totally checked over. And I don’t want to take it back to the dealer I bought it from.

      Hi Becky, You can send in for servicing for your Janome MB7. We're the authorized Janome Service Centre, and provide warranty and service for Janome Machines. Feel free to bring the unit down to our shop at Clementi (Address :  431 Clementi Ave 3 #01-328 Singapore 120431 or map : www.sewingguru.com/map )  Alternatively, you can book onsite servicing and we'll bring the machine back for thorough checking. SewingGuru.com