Hanger Portable Bag Closer - Newlong NP-7A Bag Closing Machine
Bag Closing Machine

Hanger Portable Bag Closer - Newlong NP-7A Bag Closing Machine

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Hanger Portable Bag Closer - for Newlong NP-7A Bag Closing Machine

  • Portable Bag Closing Machines can be easily and economically used with the Suspension Unit without loss of portable features.
  • Best solution for minimizing operator fatigue as it keeps the machine safely suspended above the working area.
  • Ideal for occasional bagging, the suspension unit holds the machine up until required for use by the operator.
  • The machine is then pulled down to the bag top level for use. When released, the durable spring-loaded suspension unit retracts the machine back to its home position.
  • The Suspension Unit also prevents accidental damage of the machine and can be removed with ease for use elsewhere.
  • Use the Spring Balancer and Hanger to suspend Newlong NP-7A from ceiling

Hanging Hook Model: SB-100
Part Number : A221-20201230006
Dimension: 15cm (Length) X 5cm (Width) X 37cm (Height)

Click: Spring Balancer and Hanger Available

New Long NP7A + Spring Balance Unit & Hanger

Click: Additional Bag Closer Thread White, or other colours Available

Click: Additional Bag Closer Needles DNx1 #25

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