Gunold Thermogaze - 48025
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Gunold Thermogaze - 48025

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Gunold Thermogaze - 48025

  • Magic Lace
  • If you want fine lace and etching embroideries to keep their delicate character, stabilizers should not be visible in the finished embroidery.
  • Thermograze is all you need: a heat-sensitive gauze that is used as embroidery backing and completely disintegrates during ironing. The result is nothing but beautiful, filigree-like embroideries ‰ÛÒ without any fabric, nonwoven or film residues! Main Applications
  • For producing delicate lace and etching embroideries without visible stabilizer residues. Processing Recommendations
  • Firmly hoop Thermograze and start embroidering.
  • Remove the gauze from the finished embroidery with an iron or heat press. At normal humidity and a temperature setting of 180å¡ C the dissolving process will take approx. 15 sec.
  • Never use steam!
  • The gauze turns light brown during ironing. Small residues can simply be brushed away or rubbed off, if needed.
  • Keep finished embroideries where Thermograze is not removed immediately in a closed plastic bag.


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