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GUNOLD 1650W25 - Clean & Flexi Stabiliser Uni-Directional Tear Away Stabiliser ( 25m x 52cm width)

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Title: White(1m x 52cm)

Clean & Flexi Stabiliser Nonwovens (White)1650W25 

  • Gunold Clean & Flexi Stabiliser 1650W25  (1 m x 52cm width)
  • Gunold Clean & Flexi Stabiliser 1650W25  x ( 25m x 52cm width) - 1 roll

Germany made stabilizer for Embroidery.

Gunold’s TearAway backing is one of most popular and possibly most convenient tear away backings, ideal for most of the embroidery, monogramming and appliques etc.

The ease of use and convenience removing provided for you throughout your embroidery is a key feature.  Because you’re able to quickly apply, sew and remove the excess backing means you’ll be getting work done more efficiently and more conveniently than ever before.

Tear Away is a multi-purpose, soft hand, light weight tear-away backing that tears easily and cleanly. It is best used on canton fleece, heavy denim, canvas, corduroy, cotton twill, hats, lingerie, silk, sheets, t-shirts, towels and robes. It is available in white and black.

Tear-away backings should be used on woven materials that have little stretch and don't need much stabilization.

Gunold Tear Away Backing is soft on skin.


Color Name: White and black available

Hand Weight : Thin - Medium

Ounces : 1.5

Put Up : Roll / 1m

Removal Method : Tear-Away

Temporary or Permanent: Temporary

Height : 52cm

Yardage: 250


Tear Away Materials Introduction:


Tear Away Introduction & Application:

Instruction on How to Use a Tear Away Stabilizer / Backing: 

1) Cut Tear Away bigger than your embroidery hoop/ frame size that you are using on embroidery machine. E.g. Frame size is 10cmx14cm, Cut Tear away bigger than the frame size at approx 20cm x 20cm.

2) Place fabric / material on the tear away stabilizer and frame both into the embroidery hoop / frame. Thus, fabric / material and the tear away stabilizer at the bottom were sandwiched into the embroidery hoop / frame.

3) Make sure the embroidery hoop / frame is tight, tighten the screw on your embroidery hoop / frame. Make sure the material and tear away are not flimsy. 

4) You may start your embroidery machine.

5) After finished, remove the fabric / material from the embroidery hoop / frame.

6) Lastly, remove the tear-away stabilizer by tearing. Please note that Gunold Tear Away is unidirectional , easily removed.

7) You may clean up the residue by using Red Bent "Pterosaur" Tweezer and Snipper Curve Tip scissor. Or after a few machine washes, the residue will be removed.