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Gunold Sulky 40 - 1000m - 2132 Ombre Colour thread

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Gunold Sulky 2132 Ombre Colour thread

Ombre - the gradual blending of one color (hue) to another, going from light tints and shades to darker tints and shades. This thread gives a unique look and appearance on your finished product. A 40 Wt. European 100% viscose rayon thread with a shiny, silky luster. Its high tensile strength makes it especially suitable for all high speed electronic embroidery machines. 

Color Number: 2132

Cone Type : Cone

Country of Origin: Germany

Fiber Content : Rayon

Needle Recommendation #1 : 75/11 Thin or Heavy Material

Needle Recommendation #2 : 80/12 Thin or Heavy Material

Solid, Ombre or Multi-Colored : Ombre

Thread Weight : 40

Yardage: 1,100y

Brand: Sulky 40 Wt. 1,000m

    • Commercial Use: Designed for high-speed, industrial, multi-head, embroidery machines.
    • Wide Range of Applications: Perfect for creating unique designs on vinyl, upholstery, denim, velvet, and a variety of embroidery blanks. Gunold's METY metallic thread has become the choice of many commercial embroidery shops worldwide.