Gunold Stitch Saver (STEP) - Green 63810
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Gunold Stitch Saver (STEP) - Green 63810

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Gunold Stitch Saver (STEP) - Green 63810

This popular product is loved by our customers because it looks fantastic, like actual fill stitching, and saves significant time. We encourage you to try it!

This fabric has a Lock-Stitch Optical effect but it is a structured fabric that looks remarkably identical to lock-stitch embroidery. Using STEP as a base for applique, logos and emblems will save time, thread, and production costs. Available by the meter or the original 3m roll.

Colour Name: Green
Colour Number: 63810
Country of Origin: Germany
Fiber Content : Polyester
Meters: 1
Width : 75cm
Brand: Stitch Saver

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