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Elastic Band of Lycra Construction

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Size: 4 Cords(3.50mm Width and 17m Length) (White)

Lycra, also known as spandex or elastane, is considered better than rubber in certain applications, especially in textiles, due to several key advantages:

Superior Stretch and Comfort

Elasticity: Lycra can stretch up to five times its original length without losing its shape, providing better flexibility and comfort for clothing and athletic wear.

Comfort: Lycra is lightweight, soft, and smooth, making it more comfortable for garments worn close to the skin.

Durability and Maintenance

Resistance to Degradation: Lycra is resistant to body oils, perspiration, lotions, and detergents, ensuring that garments retain their elasticity and appearance over time.

Quick-Drying: Lycra dries faster than rubber, which is beneficial for activewear and swimwear.

Design and Functionality

Fit: Lycra provides a snug and supportive fit, which is ideal for activewear, sportswear, and compression garments. This enhances performance and reduces the risk of chafing.

Versatility: Lycra can be blended with other fibers (like cotton, polyester, or nylon) to improve the stretch and comfort of fabrics without compromising their aesthetic qualities.

Practical Considerations

Breathability: Lycra blends are more breathable than rubber, improving comfort in various climates and conditions.

Weight: Lycra is lighter than rubber, making it preferable for garments that need to be lightweight and flexible.

Specific Use-Cases

Clothing: For applications such as underwear, sportswear, swimsuits, and other clothing, Lycra is preferred due to its combination of comfort, stretch, and durability.

Athletic Performance: Lycra's ability to support muscle movement and reduce fatigue makes it a superior choice for athletic and performance wear.


While rubber has its own set of strengths, particularly in industrial applications and products requiring high durability and resistance to harsh environments, Lycra's properties make it a better choice for applications where comfort, fit, and flexibility are paramount, particularly in the textile and apparel industries.