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H867-290362-70 CLASSIC Goldline Long Arm – DURKOPP ADLER M-TYPE Highest Technology Level For Versatile Twin Needle Operations As Reinforced Version

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DURKOPP ADLER M-TYPE H867-290362-70 CLASSIC Goldline Long Arm

M-TYPE H867-290362-70 CLASSIC Goldline Long Arm highest technology level for versatile twin needle operations as reinforced version.

Twin needle lockstitch flatbed machine as reinforced version with 3XL hooks, 335 mm clearance to the right of the needles, with bottom feed, needle feed and alternating feet, electropneumatic thread trimmer, add. Electropneumatik switchable thread tension, integrated 2. stitch length, electropneumatic seam backtacking and sewing foot lift, electropneumatic quick stroke adjustment, integrated sewing light (LED)

Typical Field of Application
  • Assembly and decorative seams in large-area workpieces
Performance Features
  • Max. stitch length 12 mm
  • Thread sizes up to 8/3 max.
  • Max. sewing speed 1,800 stitches/min.
  • Needle distances up to 90 mm max.
  • 15mm max workpiece thickness; whereas (867: 10mm workpiece thickness)
  • 25mm presser foot clearance; whereas (867: 20mm clearance)
  • Max. sewing speed 1800 stitches/min.(867: 3800 stitch/min)
  • Up to Size 8/3 Fine Quality Polyester or Nylon Threads (867: 10/3 threads size)
  • Max. Throat width (Needle point to Body casting) : 13 1/4 inches or 13.2 inches.
The Advantages:
  • The large clearance (700 mm wide and 157 mm high) facilitates the handling of large area workpieces
  • Powerful and effective feeding system with bottom feed, needle feed and alternating top feet
  • Up to 12 mm long stitches for standard seams and decorative topstitching
  • The extremely high sewing foot lift up to 25 mm facilitates the feeding and removing of bulky workpieces
  • Optimized hook system with 3XL bobbins (Ø 40 mm) for thread sizes up to Nm 8/3 max.
  • Robust thread trimmer guarantees a safe and clean cutting of extreme thick sewing threads
  • Sewing drive with networkable DAC classic control incl. operating panel OP1000 – Industry 4.0 „ready”
  • Also available as single needle machine (H867-190362-70)
  • Also available as ECO version (single needle or twin needle H867-190060 / H867-290060)

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