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Durkopp Adler 550-12-33 (Specialized for Ruffling)

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The Durkopp Adler 550-12-33 is an industrial sewing machine known for its durability and efficiency. It's commonly used in industries like upholstery, automotive, and heavy-duty textile manufacturing. This machine is designed for heavy-duty sewing tasks, capable of handling thick materials and multiple layers with ease. Its features often include high sewing speeds, a large workspace, and various stitch options tailored to specific applications.

Because of their remarkable influence on design and exact styling, ruffling operations belong to the most important and most difficult preparatory work when manufacturing home upholstery and car interior decoration. The efficient engineered sewing station 550-12-33 has specially been developed for the processing of thick fabrics and difficult-to-feed material structures. The excellent sewing kinematics ensures a constantly high processing quality, not only with low, but also with extreme ruffling intensities. Individual ruffling programs with coordinated functions and pre-select able basic adjustments can be created , memorized and reproduced at any time by means of the integrated program control. New with OP8000 operating panel, for even easier operation and adjustment of the ruffling values. The touch buttons are individually adaptable. This allows you to personalize your own operating elements.



  • Stich Type-Double Chain Stich
  • Number of Needles-Single Needle
  • Number of wires- Single Thread 
  • Applications-For upholstery,for automotive Applications.
  • Configuration-Fixes
  • Control-Electronic
  • Options and Accessories-Automatic,programmable with edge cutter
  • Stich Length-Max:6mm(0.236 inch)                              Min-3mm(0.118 inch)

Package Dimension- 1.22 X 0.82 X 1.35(Each Unit/M)


  • Net Weight-105 Kg
  • Gross Weight-140 Kg