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Daimoku AK-2502 | 1 Needle 2 Threads Industrial Carpet Edging Machine (For Carpet or Rugmat, Blanket) With Servo Motor Servo + Knowhow Savings.

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Title: With Servo Motor

Daimoku AK-2502;  1 Needle 2 Threads Industrial Carpet Edging Machine (For Carpet or Rugmat, Blanket)

1 Year Warranty + 1 Year Ban Soon Care

Delivery, Installation and 1x Onsite Training upon delivery

Daimoku AK2502 is suitable for overedging the tufted carpets, rug, blanket, car mat or any extra heavy materials. Fully automatic lubrication (Self-Oil).

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Daimoku AK2502 Industrial Sewing Machine Highlights

The machine is designed for overedging of carpets, rugs and etc

The machine is built for joining temporarily the abutted edges of pieces goods

Daimoku AK2502

Other Details

  • Table : approximate : H40mm x 1100mm x W545mm
  • Stand : Approximate H150mm x L850mm x W490mm
  • Drive Motor : 0.4kW Clutch Motor (3-Phase or Single-Phase)
  • Complete set gross weight: 87kg
  • Compete setup dimension: 1100mm x 550mm x 1250mm
  • HS Code: 8452 2900


Daimoku AK-2502 Industrial Sewing Machine Features

Carpet Overedging Machine (One Needle & Two Threads Stitch) with:

  • Accessories
  • Table Stand
  • Motor
  • Trimming Knives
  • Air Table
  • Servo motor with the ability to control speed.


  • Maximum Speed : 1,800 - 2,000 spm
  • Working Speed : 1,600 - 1,800 spm
  • Stitch Range : 3 to 7mm
  • Width of Overedging : 10 - 12 mm
  • Abutted Width : 12mm
  • Material Thickness : 15mm - 10mm
  • Needle System SY7713 Size: #26 ~ #25
  • Thread : Wood, Synthetic, Cotton
  • Power Required : 0.4kW
  • Operation Instruction Manual x 2 units
  • Part Catalog Manual x 2 units
  • Made in Taiwan

Net Weight of Daimoku AK2502: 36 kg
Gross Weight of Daimoku AK2502: 41 kg


7713/230, 180 or 160
7713-99/230 (square pointed)

Considering the fact that the needle of the carpet overedging machine pierces the carpet 2800 times a minute, it is quite normal that the original shape of the needle is significantly altered after a few days.The recess in the needle which forms the loop in the yam wears away and this causes false stitches.

If the Machine runs for 8 hours a day, the needle must be at the latest replaced after one week (36 hours) by a new one. The old needle will then have pierced and been withdrawn from the carpet 10 million times.

Daimoku AK2502 Industrial Sewing Machine Accessories and Parts

Standard Accessories

  • Table Stand
  • Motor
  • Trimming Knives
  • Air Table

Delivery, Installation and 1x Onsite Training upon delivery

*Accessories content might vary and manufacturers reserve the right to change the content and/or accessories with similar value without prior notice.

Please check the product manual for the detailed list of included accessories.

Presser Foot

It is very important to have the correct pressure on the presser foot if the overedging machine is to work well. If the pressure is too low, the feeddog will nevertheless carry the material forward, but this will be very irregular and the feeddog will slide too much on the rough backing of the carpet, causing undue wear on the feeddog. For the same reason the stitches will be irregular and may not be properly form.

Insufficient pressure on the presser foot when woking with tufted carpets with foam backing will lead to the foam being stripped off. If in contrast the pressure is adequate, only light traces will be left by the feeddog on the backing. The most suitable pressure on the presser foot is 8kg.

This can be checked by means of a standard dynamometer.

*Presser Foots are not included in the machine but available for order*

When ordering spare parts for Lefthand Carpet Overedging Machine Series, please mention "L" after the reference number.

High Mobility Parts:



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Wide Table Unavailable
Threads Singer Thread
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