B0421S06A Plain Hemmer 1/2"/ Babylock Coverstitch/Evolve/Evolution/Ovation/Gloria
Presser Foot

B0421S06A Plain Hemmer 1/2"/ Babylock Coverstitch/Evolve/Evolution/Ovation/Gloria

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B0421S06A Plain Hemmer 1/2"/ Babylock Coverstitch/Evolve/Ovation/Gloria

  • For cover-stitch machines.
Original parts for Babylock models:
  • Evolve (BLE8W-2)
  • Evolution (BLE8W-2)
  • Ovation(BLE8)
    • Our plain hemmer attachment was designed to guide the fabric into a perfectly straight hem without any pre-project pressing.
    • These foot creates a 1/2, 1/4'' hem. You'll be amazed by the professional results. This foot was created for the Evolve and cover-stitch machines.

      Stitches Used: 

      • Chain Stitch - C1 Needle Position
      • Narrow Left Cover Stitch -C1 - C2 Needle Position
      • Width cover Stitch - C1 - C3
      • Triple Cover Stitch -C1- C2- C3
      • Sewing Speed : Moderate to slow.

      FABRICS :

      • Firm broadcloth , trigger , it. wt. denim, it. wt. polar fleece , sweatshirt fleece.


      • Stitch Length : 3-4
      • Cutting Blade : Disengaged "LOCKED"
      • Upper Looper: DOWN
      • Sewing Table : On
      1. Secure attachment to table with guide fixing screws .
      2. Turn under 1/2 inch (for 1/4 turn under 1/4 inch) and press with iron .
      3. Raise presser foot . slide fabric into attachment with wrong side of facing up, turning up and over to the left .
      4. With a sewing awl , slide folded fabric under presser foot to the needle .
      5. Lower the presser foot . turn the hand wheel 3-4 times to secure the fabric .
      6. Align the attachment with the needle to envase the fabric edge .
      7. With the right hand keep hem turned while left hand ids guiding folded fabric into hemmer .
      • When hemming polar fleece or sweatshirt fleece, turn fabric one time .
      • Do not attempt a double roll ( fabric does not ravel )

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