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Round / Circular Shape Ironing Board for Table Top Pressing Pad Ham

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A round, circular, or mushroom-shaped ironing board is a unique variation of the traditional ironing board design. Unlike the typical rectangular shape, these boards feature a circular ironing surface. Here's a description:

  1. Circular Surface: The most prominent feature of this ironing board is its round ironing surface. This circular shape allows for easier maneuvering of garments, especially for items like sleeves, collars, and circular hems.

  2. Compact Design: Due to its shape, the board tends to be more compact compared to traditional ironing boards. This makes it ideal for smaller spaces or for those who prefer a more portable option.

  3. Rotating Functionality: Some models may feature a rotating mechanism, allowing the user to swivel the ironing surface for easier access to different areas of the garment without having to reposition the entire board.

  4. Stability: Despite its unconventional shape, a well-designed round ironing board should offer stability during use. This is typically achieved through sturdy construction materials and a stable base.

  5. Size: 7” width (base) and height 8.5” inches, weight approx 1kg