Walking Foot (Brother Original) - F033N (7mm Horizontal )
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Walking Foot (Brother Original) - F033N (7mm Horizontal )

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Walking Foot (Brother Original) F033N

  • Brother made Walking foot helps to maintain even material feed, when 2 or more layer of fabrics are stacked together and sewn. Extremely useful for quilting application, where long and straight stitches are being applied. The uneven feeding that causes pickling, elongation or shortening of material towards the end of a sewing line, will be drastically reduce, or eliminated when a Walking Foot is use.
  • Always wise to use original accessories.
  • Width Adjustment 7mm
  • Compatible with Brother Innovis (NV) SERIES NV10P NV15P NV30P NV35P NV50P NV550, Brother A SERIES A16 A80 A150. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ask the Gurus
  • What is the difference in the two different walking foot ?

    The walking foots serve similar purposes of doing multi-layer quilt. Open Toe Walking Foot has a larger open area than the usual Walking Foot.

  • Can I use this on Brother AS2730 sewing machine ?

    Yes. Brother Sewing Machines use universal footer, and thus, you can use it on Brother AS2730S or similar range of machines.