Brother Scan and Cut Machine. ScanNCut SDX1200 + FREE software CanvasWorkspace.
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Brother Scan and Cut Machine. ScanNCut SDX1200 + FREE software CanvasWorkspace.

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Brother ScanNCut - SDX1200 Scan and Cut Machine 

Warranty: One year Carry-in warranty under Brother Singapore + FREE 1 year in-house Training + FREE Online Software CanvasWorkspace

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The world's first electronic cutting machine with a built-in scanner now with Blade Sensor technology. Cut card, self-adhesive vinyl, felt, leather and foam with the new Auto Blade that automatically detects the thickness of your material. No PC required. Edit cut data on the 5 inch LCD touch screen display. Reads SVG cutting files and PES embroidery files. Convert embroidery designs to cut data directly on the machine. Cuts up to 3mm. Includes accessories for drawing, cutting fabrics and making fabric appliques. Ready to cut, 1303 built-in designs, 17 built-in fonts. USB port for storing and importing files. Wireless network ready.



Brother ScanNCut - SDX1200 Scan and Cut Machine Features


  • Built-in scanner – up to 300 DPI
  • Wireless network ready
  • Large 12" x 24" scanning and cutting area
  • Reads SVG and PHC data containing applique' stitch data
  • Stand-alone paper and fabric cutting machine, no PC required
  • Blade sensor technology
  • automatically detects thickness
  • 1303 built-in designs, 17 built-in fonts
  • Edit cut data on the 5 inch LCD touch screen display
  • Wireless Network Ready - transfer cut data from the machine to CanvasWorkspace application to store and edit designs
  • Cuts up to 3mm. thick with the auto blade.
  • Touch screen LCD enlarged with respect to the previous model, 12.7cm.
  • Flat and wide boards to improve stability.
  • Self-adjusting cutting blade system. Adjusts to various materials.
  • Longer cutting blade to make more precise and complex cuts in larger materials.
  • It's 2 times faster
  • Digitizing quality has been improved.
  • Not only can you save cut data to the machine's memory and USB memory stick, but you can now connect and transfer an FCM cut file to your PC via USB. 
  • Dimension: 62 x 30 x 29 cm


Brother ScanNCut - SDX1200 Scan and Cut Machine Highlights


Brother ScanNCut - SDX1200 Scan and Cut Machine Accessories and Parts

Included Accessories for Brother SDX1200

  • Standard tack adhesive mat
  • Automatic blade.
  • Automatic blade holder.
  • 1 touch pen.
  • 1 spatula.
  • 1 accessories bag.
  • 2 power cables.
  • LCD touch screen 12.70cm with better definition.
  • 1303 patterns.
  • 17 different fonts. 
  • Starter Kit - 1 Sheet Navy Cardstock 305mmx305mm

Brother ScanNCut SDX1200 Brochure

Brother ScanNCut SDX1200 Singapore Ban Soon


Brother ScanNCut SDX1200


Optional Accessories for Brother Scan N Cut SDX1200

Iron-on Fabric Applique Contact sheet [CASTBL1]
High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheet [CASTBL2]
No.1 Quilt Pattern Collection [CAUSB1]
No.2 Applique Pattern Collection [CAUSB2]
No.3 Home-Deco Pattern Collection [CAUSB3]
No.4 3D Paper Craft Pattern Collection [CAUSB4]
Stencil Sheet [CASTCL1] 
Rhinestone Starter Kit [CARSKIT1]
Rhinestone Sheet Set [CARSSH1]
Rhinestone Transfer Sheets [CARSTS1]
Printable Sticker Starter Kit [CAPSKIT1]
Printable Sticker Sheet Set [CAPSS1]
Mini Printable Sticker Sheet Set [CAPSSMINI1]
Stamp Starter Kit [CASTPKIT1]
Stamp Sheets [CASTPS1]
Brother ScanNCut SDX Auto Quilt Blade Holder
Brother ScanNCut SDX Blade Quilt
Brother ScanNCut SDX1200 Trimming Cutter
Brother ScanNCut SDX1200 Roll Feeder
Brother ScnaNCut Scanning Mat 12x12
Brother ScnaNCut Scanning Mat 12x24
Brother ScanNCut SDX Standard Tack Mat 12x24 CADXMATSTD24
Brother ScanNCut SDX Low Tack Adhesive Mat 12x12
Brother ScanNCut SDX Low Tack Adhesive Mat 12x24
Brother ScanNCut Universal Pen Holder
Brother ScanNCut Pen Holder
Brother ScanNCut Erasable Pen Set
Brother ScanNCut Color Pen Set

Ordering Additional Accessories & Mat: 

Brother ScanNCut SDX Standard Tack Mat 12x12 CADXMATSTD12
Brother ScanNCut SDX Auto Blade CADXBLD1
Brother ScanNCut SDX Auto Blade Holder CADXHLD1

    New Features: Cut up to 29cmx 18cm with 4cm diameter Roll of Vinyl and FREE Online Software CanvasWorkspace 

    Download Files:


    Accessories content might vary and manufacturers reserve the right to change the content and/or accessories with similar value without prior notice.

    Please check the product manual for the detailed list of included accessories.


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    • How many Kg is the weight of rother scan n cut CM900, complete all in the box

      Weight with Machine + Accessories & Box is 6kg.