PE design 11  



We have packed this software with so many time-saving features that will help you create more in less time. Imagine the capability to create your own fonts, stitches and designs - just once - to use many times on hats, pillows, shirts, and other fabrics. Reduce the amount of time spent changing threads by using the Intelligent Color Sort feature, which will stitch those areas that share one color in groups.

Be creative  

Create and Be Creative

Let your imagination soar with the ability to create your own decorative sewing stitches up to 100mm wide* by using the Stitch Design Factory and create your own fonts with the Font Mapping Tool that will let you use them later as built-in lettering.   

Save time searching  

Save Time Searching

Having the ability to choose your own built-in fonts and designs in less time will help you start your projects sooner. Using the font filter will help you narrow down your choices from the 130 fonts built into PE-DESIGN 11. Choosing from over 1,000 built-in designs is now easier with the design preview that lets you see your choice before you stitch.

Power in Automation  

Power in Automation

How much time do you spend trying to figure out what type of stitch you need for your fabric or the time it takes to change threads and match color segments? PE-DESIGN 11 has a Fabric Selector that will automatically adjust the sewing attributes for your embroidery based on your fabric selection. The Intelligent Color Sort function will group stitches that share the same colors so you can reduce the time spent changing threads.

Flexibility and movement  

Flexibility and Movement

Round and Flexible Spiral Stitches add motion and dimension to your embroidery shapes. Stitches can be set to follow the shape of your embroidery, or stand out to give you a three-dimensional effect.

Embroidered monarch  

Transform Photos Into Embroidery with PhotoStitch

Create embroideries from photos with the PhotoStitch feature. Transform your photos into works of art to be framed, put on tote bags, tapestries and so much more. The PhotoStitch, Auto Punch, and Cross Stitch Wizards have enhanced tracing capabilities for a more accurate output.

Scan N Cut logo  

ScanNCut Compatible

Import FCM files to create embroidery designs. Create FCM files to send to CanvasWorkspace or directly to a wirelessly enabled ScanNCut Home and Hobby Cutting Machine.

Wireless LAN  

Exclusive Wireless LAN for XV & PR

Wirelessly transfer embroidery designs and sewing stitches between


PE-DESIGN 11 Software


Converting Embroidery Design Files to Different Formats

Embroidery design files can easily be converted to a file of one of the other formats (.pes, .dst, .exp, .pcs, .hus, .vip, .shv, .jef, .sew, .csd, or .xxx).

  1. In the folder pane, select the folder containing the embroidery design that you want to convert.
  2. In the contents pane, select the embroidery desired format.
  3. Click [File], then [Convert Format].
  4. From the [Format Type] selector, select the desired format.
  5. Under [Output To], select whether the new file is added to the same folder as the original file (Same folder) or to a specified folder (Following folder).

    To change the folder where the new file will be added, click .

  6. Click [Convert].

    The file is converted, and the new file is added to the specified folder.

    • With [DST Settings] on the [Option] menu, the number of jumps for thread trimming can be specified for .dst files.

      Specifying the number of jumps in embroidery design of the DST format

    • If multiple files with different formats are selected to be converted while [Same folder] is selected, any file with the same format as the new one will not be converted. However, if the files are being added to a different folder than the original one, any file with the same format as the new one will be copied to the different folder, instead of being converted.
    • If the file is converted to a .pes file, the thread colors are converted as if the file was imported into Layout & Editing.

    Files cannot be converted to the .phc or .pen formats.