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Binder Foot (Janome Original) 7mm - Part No. 200313005

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Variant: Binder Foot (Janome Original) - Part No. 200313005

Janome Binder Foot (Part No. 200313005)

    • Janome 7 mm shank 
    • For horizontal rotary hook models
    • The binder foot is used to apply pre-folded bias binding tape or bias tape you have cut yourself to the edge of fabric in one easy step. It is equipped with a small funnel to fold and guide the binding over the fabric edge before it reaches the needle and can be used with either zigzag or decorative stitches as well as straight stitch
    • How To Use:
      • Cut the end of the tape diagonally and insert it into the binder foot
      • Push out the end of the tape toward the needle hole of the foot with a needle or a stiletto
      • Insert the edge of the cloth into the opening of the guide
      • Sew slowly, guiding the edge of the cloth with your middle finger on the finger rest while guiding the binding tape through the conical tape guide correctly with your right hand
    • Part No. : 200313005
    • Machine Settings:
      • Stitch: Straight Stitch (Centre Needle Position)
      • Thread Tension: "Auto" or 3 - 5
      • Stitch Length: 1 - 3
      • Stitch Width: 0


Binder Foot (Janome Original) 7mm - Part No. 200313005


  • This accessory works with the following models:
    • 3160QDC
    • 4120QDC
    • 4300QDC
    • 49018
    • 49360
    • 5812
    • 6050
    • 6100
    • 6300P
    • 712T
    • 8050
    • 8077
    • AMH M100
    • Classmate S-750
    • DC1018
    • DC1050
    • DC2012
    • DC2013
    • DC2014
    • DC2015
    • DC3050
    • DC4030P
    • DC5100
    • HD3000
    • HD2200
    • Hello Kitty 15822
    • Hello Kitty 18750
    • Jem Gold 660
    • Jem Platinum 760
    • JNH 720
    • JNH2030DC
    • JNH7700
    • JW7630
    • JW8100
    • M7050
    • M7100
    • M7200
    • Magnolia 7318
    • Magnolia 7325
    • Magnolia 7330
    • Magnolia 7360
    • Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition
    • Memory Craft 6500P
    • Memory Craft 6600P
    • MOD-100
    • MOD-100Q
    • MOD-11
    • MOD-15
    • MOD-19
    • MOD-200
    • MOD-30
    • MOD-50
    • MyStyle100
    • NQM 2016
    • Schoolmate S-3015
    • Schoolmate S-7330
    • Sewist 500
    • Sewists 525S
    • Skyline S3
    • Skyline S5

Installation & Usage of Binder Foot

The binding around the edge of your quilt is what gives it that final, professional finish. But stitching down a strip of bias tape while it encloses all those bulky layers can seem like a daunting task.

Here's where you want to use the Quilt Binder Set. There's a model for the MC12000 and one that fits most other Memory Craft machines.

The cone on the front of the fabric holder neatly feeds and folds your bias tape for a half inch finished binding.

How To Use The Quilt Binder Set

  1. Begin by basting your quilt edges to prepare the quilt sandwich for binding.
  2. Remove the bobbin case cover.
  3. Attach the binder plate to the bed of the machine.
  4. Attach the foot to the machine and choose a straight stitch.
  5. Mount the feeding attachment to the base. You can do basic adjustment of where the needle drops on the attachment. For fine tuning, adjust the actual needle drop position on your machine.
  6. Cut the end of your binding at a 45˚ angle. This helps in feeding the binding through the folding mechanism.
  7. Load it into the feeding mechanism with the wrong side of the fabric facing you. Tweezers can be helpful. 
  8. Bring the binding out the front of the foot, then turn it at a 90˚ angle behind the foot. Once you fold the fabric back, you'll see the folding mechanism has created the perfect fold for a one-step binding.
  9. Starting on the middle of one side, insert your quilt sandwich into the middle of the binding. Make sure the binding is enveloping the side.
  10. Begin sewing slowly. After a few stitches, you can make final adjustments to the needle drop position.
  11. When you come to a corner, take one stitch beyond the quilt.
  12. Lift up the foot. Pull the quilt directly to the back of the machine, finger pressing the binding as you pull it out.
  13. Create a miter fold by opening the binding and bringing it forward at a 45˚ angle, and checking the back.
  14. Make sure you leave long thread tails. 
  15. Use a quilt clip or hemostat to secure the mitered corner as you insert the quilt back into the binder.
  16. Starting right at the corner, with the needle dropping directly in the corner, stitch down the next side of the quilt.
  17. Repeat the mitering process for the next three corners.
  18. Finally, join the two ends of the binding as desired. And you've bound your quilt.


- Video for installation and usage guidance purposes only, video shows Binder Foot W for 9mm models for different sewing machine models.