B5002S03A (BLE-RF) Shirring/ruffling "G" Foot/ Babylock /For models Eclipse, Imagine, Enlighten ,Imaginewave
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B5002S03A (BLE-RF) Shirring/ruffling "G" Foot/ Babylock /For models Eclipse, Imagine, Enlighten ,Imaginewave

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Shirring/Ruffling "G" Foot B5002S03A (BLE-RF) Babylock

Original Parts For Babylock Models:

  • Eclipse(BLE1DX-2),
  • Imagine (BLE1AT-2),
  • Enlighten (BLE3ATW-2)
  • Imaginewave (BLEATW)

Easily make and attach ruffles as well as finish your edge in one simple step. Add perfectly spaced ruffles to garments, pillows, and other home d̩ecor items. This ruffling foot works on all fabric types.

  1. Replace the standard presser foot with the ruffling foot.

  2. Raise the ruffling foot. Set the needles at the highest position.

  3. Place the bottom fabric layer to be gathered right side up between the needle plate and foot, and align the fabric under the foot until it reaches the needles. Turn the handwheel to catch the fabric with the needles.

  4. Place the top fabric (see #2 on illustration) in the opening flush with the bottom fabric right sides together, and align with the edge of the guide.

  5. Lower the ruffling foot and sew guiding both fabric layers. Lighter weight fabric will produce the maximum amount of ruffles.

*You will achieve a fuller ruffle when using both needles.

Machine Setting

Stitch Type:

4-thread Overlock

Differential Feed Setting:




Sewing Foot:

Ruffling foot

Upper Knife:


Needle Thread Tension:


Stitch Length:


Stitch Width:



Gathering works the best with fine fabrics. The heavier the fabric the less the gathering.


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