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Babylock Embellisher 12 Needles - EMB12-2: (BEST Felting Machine)

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Title: Babylock Embellisher 12 Needles

Babylock Embellisher 12 Needles

Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty in Singapore
Validity: Only Valid for Purchase in Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia & Vietnam
Training: In-House One-to-One Training and FREE Machine Support

Introducing the Embellisher - Now with 12 Needles. If you're looking for a technique to make your projects stand out in a crowd, then the Embellisher is the machine for you. Sewers, quilters, crafters and embroidery lovers all appreciate the extra touch that this machine can bring to any project. The Embellisher uses the unique art of European Needle Felting to create incredible detail and texture using absolutely no thread! That's right - the barbed needles on the Embellisher push fibers together to "mesh" fabrics. Easily remove any of the needles or use all 12 for free-motion embellishments of any size. No matter what your style is, you'll love what the Baby Lock Embellisher can do for you. For the Love of Sewing.


Babylock Embellisher Highlights

EMB12-2 Embellisher - 12 needle tissue felting machine. The machine does not use any thread and all the work is done felting fabric textures with each other while sliding fabric after felting needles in the desired directions. With the help of a fabric felting technique you can create exceptional beauty products - make fabric aging simulation, a variety of soft toys, bedding, clothing available, plaids or other decoration products, giving them a unique and distinctive design.

The machine has a removable elbow platform integrated with great accessories storage box. After removing the elbow platform you will easily do the job in the inaccessible places like the sleeve, baby clothes, pants, hats, and other small parts.

While felting tissue machine performs innumerable revolutions and all of its components, such as shaft, needle bar and other parts are exposed for much greater load. For this reason, the machine should be lubricated regularly and perform preventive maintenance. Therefore BABY LOCK felting machine is made ​​the way it was manufactured in the old days -the body is fully metal, and maintenance is very simple and straightforward. Unscrew the two grips at the top, easily and quickly remove the top cover of the machine to make it simple to clean and lubricate the machine. Other manufacturers felting machines do not have such characteristics, because they are using plastic and other cheap materials in machines production.

Babylock Embellisher Features

Additional Features:
  • No thread required
  • Free-motion embellishing
  • Presser foot height adjustment
  • Free-arm
  • Electronic foot control
  • Built-in accessory storage
Specification for Babylock Embellisher 12 Needles

Number of Needles

Accessory Storage

Free Arm Capability

Presser Foot Type

Bobbin Size

Dimensions:410mm x 170mm x 320mm
Weight: 5.8kg

Babylock Embellisher Accessories and Parts

Download Babylock Accessories Catalogue

*Accessories content might vary and manufacturers reserve the right to change the content and/or accessories with similar value without prior notice.
Please check the product manual for the detailed list of included accessories.


Download Babylock Embellisher Brochure

Download Babylock Embellisher Manual

Babylock Embellisher Review

The Babylock Embellisher brings creativity to a new level. By blending fabrics in this way you can creative some wonderful effects, and the free hand nature of the work allows you to get really creative. Take a look at this forum post for some examples of what can be achieved with needle felting. There are no limitations to what you can do to get the effect you are looking for. You can punch through either the front or the back of the fabric, depending on the effect you prefer, and you can use a whole range of different types of fabrics, including wool, felt, denim, silk and many more. It is also a great way to reuse scraps of thread or fabric which would have otherwise been discarded.