B5002S09AE ( BLE8-EF) Elastic Foot / Babylock /For Overlock & Cover-stitch/ For Evolve, Evolution, Ovation, BLCS
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B5002S09AE ( BLE8-EF) Elastic Foot / Babylock /For Overlock & Cover-stitch/ For Evolve, Evolution, Ovation, BLCS

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Babylock Elastic Foot for Overlock & Cover-stitch

Original parts for Babylock models:
    • BLCS
    • Evolve (BLE8W-2)
    • Evolution (BLE8W-2)
    • Ovation (BLE8)
  • Confidently serge elastic by letting this foot take care of all the work.
  • This foot provides even pressure on the elastic every time to prevent pulling and tugging on the needles.
  • The adjustable guide and tension dial allow you to serge elastic with a finished uniform stretch.
  • The guide holes provide control for projects requiring fishing line.

  1. Replace regular foot with special elastic foot .
  2. Slightly raise the elastic guide of the foot and insert elastic between åÊelastic guide and lower support bar then position the elastic under the foot as illustrated, until the edge of the elastic åÊreaches the feed teeth .( it may be necessary to looosen the tension adjuster screw to feed elastic through )'
  3. Sew the elastic for about one inch or so to ensure it is feeding properly .
  4. Place the fabric under the foot and sew elastic to fabric .
  5. check that the stitch formation is the unifromly åÊbalanced and if necessary åÊ , adjust the thread tension controls .
  6. Adjust the tension adjuster screw so that the desired finish can be obtained .åÊ
    A ) Tighter tension of the adjuster screw ( turning screw clockwise ) gives more elasticity of the fabric after it is sewn .
    B) Looser tension of the tension adjuster screw ( turning screw counter -clockwise) gives less elasticity of the fabric .
For Elastic Tape Insertion :
  • Stitch type : 4- thread overlockåÊ
  • Needle : O1 and O2 åÊ
  • Stitch selector : AåÊ
  • stitch Width : MåÊ
  • Stitch length : 4åÊ
  • Differential Feed : NåÊ
  • Upper Knife : Engaged "UNLOCKED"åÊ
  • sewing speed : SlowåÊ
Cover stitchåÊ
  • Stitch type : triple cover stitch or wide cover stit chåÊ
  • Needle :Triple Cover Stitch - C1,C2,C3
    åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊ åÊWide Cover Stitch - C1,C3
  • Stitch Length : 4åÊ
  • Stitch width : MåÊ
  • Differential feed : NåÊ
  • Upper Knife : Disengaged " LOCKED"
  • Sewing Table : Remove Knife Cover and Snap on the sewing tableåÊ
  • Sewing speed : slowåÊ
  • Stitch Type : 3 - Thread Rolled Hem
  • Needle : O2
  • Stitch Selector : D
  • Stitch width : 5.0åÊ
  • Stitch Length : 1.5R ( Rolled Hem Setting)
  • Differential feed : 0.6åÊ
  • Upper Knife : Engaged "UNLOCKED "
  • sewing speed : slowåÊ

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