B50002S17A Clear Foot / Babylock Cover-stitch
Presser Foot

B50002S17A Clear Foot / Babylock Cover-stitch

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B50002S17A Clear Foot / Babylock Cover-stitch only

  • Original parts for Babylock models:
    • BLCS


  • Use the clear foot for better visibility when attaching ribbons and lace, or for guiding lightweight decorative stitching.
  • When cover stitch threading is complete, the loose threads should initially interlock on fabric. This is most important when sewing the chain or cover stitches.
  • Preparing the machine - any stitching application can be used:
    • Cut all threads to 4 inch (10cm) in length.
    • Place fabric under the presser foot directly below the needles.
    • Lower the presser foot.
    • Turn the hand-wheel toward you to form 2 or 3 stitches.
    • Start to sew slowly.
    • After the first few stitches, stop and cut excess threads.
    • Start the next seam at the toe of the presser foot.
    • You only need to raise and lower the presser foot.
  • Note: Be careful not to push or pull the fabric. The BLCS will feed it evenly without help.

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