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B5002S06AE (BLE8-BLHF) Blindhem Foot / Babylock/ For Overlock -models Evolve, Evolution, Ovation, Gloria

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Title: Blindhemming Foot

Babylock Blindhem Foot for Overlock & Cover-stitch

  • Original Parts For Babylock Model:
    • Babylock Evolve (BLE8W-2)
    • Babylock Evolution (BLE8W-2)
    • Babylock Ovation (BLE8)
  • Looking for a quick, easy way to make your hems invisible? This foot was designed specifically for easily stitching a blind hem.
  • You can also use this foot for quick edge stitching along fabric edges.
  1. For hemming, fold fabric as shown in diagram .
  2. Place garment with wrong side up under the presser foot . Before you begin serging, check the needle should just catch the fold edge of the fabric . move the adjustable guide by loosening the screw on top of the foot, adjusting the plate right or left tighten the screw
  • Needle : O2
  • Upper Knife :Engaged "UNLOCKED"
  • Stitch Selector : B
  • Stitch Width : 5.0mm
  • Stitch Length : 3.5
  • Differential Feed : N ( N-0.6 ) for finer fabrics