B0421S01A Adjustable Tape Guide for Babylock Cover-stitch /Evolve/Evolution/ovation/Gloria
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B0421S01A Adjustable Tape Guide for Babylock Cover-stitch /Evolve/Evolution/ovation/Gloria

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åÊAdjustable Tape GuideåÊfor Babylock Overlock & Cover-stitch

  • Original parts for Babylock models:åÊ
    • Evolve (BLE8W-2)
    • Evolution (BLE8W-2)
    • OvationåÊ(BLE8)
    • BLCS
  • Stitches used:åÊ
    • Chain stitch - C1,C2, or C3 positionåÊ
    • Narrow right cover stitchåÊ
    • Wide cover stitchåÊ
    • Triple cover stitchåÊ
  • Fabrics:
    • Tapes, ribbons. laces can go through guide .
  • Instructions:
    • Stitch length : 3:4åÊ
    • Cutting blade : Locked positionåÊ
    • Upper loopers : DownåÊ
    • Sewing table : OnåÊ
  1. To adjust the tape guide loosen the screws on the guideåÊ
  2. Slide tape guide to left and adjust to the width of lace or tape.
  3. Tighten the screws on guideåÊ
  4. Slide the tape, lace or ribbon into the guideåÊ
  5. Place fabric under the guide that the tape will be attachedåÊ
  6. Sew to fabric.

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