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Shipment & Delivery

Local(Singapore) Shipping

Free Local Shipping*
Enjoy free shipping on orders from $40.00.


Local Shipping

We have streamline with range of couriers partners for your selection between best rates, cheapest & best service at your checkout page. 


Global Shipping

Global Shipping Rates will be calculated upon checkout. All shipping fees are calculated based on the Dimension and Gross Weight of the Packaging, get the best rate for any destination country, no matter what or where you are shipping.

(*To Note - Shipping Rates will fluctuate from time to time, depending on the global situation)

In addition, full payment of your order must be made before shipping is processed.

Kindly Contact Us for more enquiries if you are in doubt.

*All amount are in terms of SGD or otherwise stated.


Tax & Stamp Duty Fee(s)

When shipping internationally, import duties & taxes & stamp duty fees are not included in the quoted global shipping rates and would varies depending on the country you are residing in.  

The local (arrived) agent will contact you via telephone or / both email when the parcel has arrived in the destination country port. 

How to track your parcel / order from Singapore to overseas?

An email will be sent to you after the shipping is generated by our Company and you can trace your order with the following instruction:

1) First: Go to the appointed Courier Company official website. Enter "Track" / "Trace" page. 

2) Second: Type in your Tracking Number

3) Third: Click/ View timeline to show real time status.

There will be expecting delays when parcel arrived at the local port / immigration when required more time to check the parcels. There are cases that the immigration personnel will open the parcels for thorough checking, so please do note that the received parcel will be in "re-sealed" state sometimes. 

For Commercial shipping using own agents will not be applied to the above instructions. Please contact your appointed agents for the tracking of parcel.

Updated on 30th Aug 2022.