Face Mask Basic Sewing Kits D

Face Mask Basic Sewing Kits D

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  • Vendor:Ban Soon Sewing Machine Pte Ltd

Face Mask Basic Sewing Kits D

A La Carte at $30.50, and packaged to sell at $27.90.

5000 yards polyester sewing threads

Strong, durable sewing threads, white colour

Fabric Marker

Air Erasable Fabric marker, with instant erasable head at the other tip of the marker. 

Fabric marker is also water erasable. Convenient to keep and portable.

Crease Maker

Use crease maker to create temporary seams without using Ironing so that you can fold and hold the crease for smooth sewing. This is very useful to sew seams.

Pearlized Pin

Convenient to store, easy to use, very practical.
Good helper for textile

Cone Thread holder 
Contain Extra Large/ King cone sewing threads. One time purchase only


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