Sashiko Olympus Thread Solid Colour- Brown Color

Sashiko Olympus Thread Solid Colour- Brown Color

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Sashiko Olympus Thread Solid Colour - Brown Color

  • Brown Color Code: 3#113
  • Sashiko olympus thread solid colour
  • A thread that is shiny, slippery, and easy to pierce.
  • The Brown Color is ​​short pitch.
  • Ideal for creating voluminous works.
  • A thread suitable for sashiko and flower cloth that values ​​the original texture of the thread.
  • Made of 100% cotton with a gentle touch, it is easy to stab and can be widely used by beginners to advanced users.
  • In addition to single colors, we also have a wide variety of colors, such as Brown Color with beautiful soft color transitions . (Long pitch for Brown Color, short pitch for colorful)  
  • Threads are not separated and are used as they are.

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