(Must Buy) Bobbin Storage Box with 25 Bobbins
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(Must Buy) Bobbin Storage Box with 25 Bobbins

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Bobbin Storage Box with 25 Universal Bobbins

  • Keep your bobbin organized in these see thru poly box with foam liners to fit your machine bobbins snugly.
  • Each holds 25 bobbins in full view at your finger tips
  • Bobbin Height 11.5mm


11.5mm Height Bobbin

  • Compatible with most of the Domestic Sewing Machines; Brother, Janome, Singer, Juki, Toyota, Sakura, Bernette, Viking etc
  • Quality Bobbins tested.
  • Storage Box Suitable for all traditional sewing machine metal bobbins, plastic bobbins, etc!

P/s Note: Plastic Bobbins not suitable for Treadle machine (Traditional machine) and industrial machines!

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