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Janome 1600QCP - A Great Semi-Industrial & Portable Industrial Machine for Quilting & Sewing

Janome 1600QCP - A Great Semi-Industrial & Portable Industrial Machine for Quilting & Sewing

Janome 1600QCP is A Great Replacement for Industrial Machine to Save Space

Janome 1600QCP is a great replacement compare to industrial sewing machine as it is a portable industrial machine with full features of an industrial but took less space than ordinary industrial machine. It is portable and you can carry the machine or store it when not in used.


On top of that it works directly with all the industrial footers & accessories, with full metal body that is build for heavy duty use. With single hole needle plate design for only straight stitches, it does the one-stitches really well and produce high-quality sewing results.

It is a Superhorse Machine at 1,600 spm

This machine is fast! It's got three speed settings: turtle, sitting bunny, and running bunny. It can stitch at up to 1600 stitches per minute. As someone who sews a lot with industrial machine (and likes to sew fast), it has been wonderful using this machine. Especially when piecing, I can cruise right along. 

Bobbin Winding For Janome 1600QCP

Janome 1600QCP has a separate bobbin winding motor and thread path. You are able to dedicated cone of thread set up for winding bobbins and one for the top thread. Saving you time on bobbin windings and re-thread.

Wide Footers Range for Janome 1600QCP

Janome 1600QCP comes with few footers that you can use it with, the 1/4 inch foot and the adjustable zipper foot. You can buy additional stratight stitch foot, walking foot, or binder foot for use with the machines. It works with all type of industrial grade footers and thus, it provide a wider choices selection for replacement of Janome 1600QCP with industrial machine.


Since the Janome 1600QCP sews at high speeds, it does use special industrial needles, HLx5 needles. The most common needles is size 75/11s widely use for apparels and clothing sewing. For bag making or projects using thicker fabrics, HLx5 Size 90/14s is recommended. Finally for quilting (free motion & straight line), it is recommended to use size 100/16s.

Free Motion Quilting with Janome 1600QCP

You can use Janome 1600QCP with free-motion quilting. It has a quilting  needle plate cover and quilting foot that you can use for quilting purpose. Its superhorse and flat-bed make it easy for you to work with. There is addtional wide-table that you can add for a bigger sewing area.

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