Walking Foot - 7mm
Presser Foot

Walking Foot - 7mm

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Walking Foot - 7mm

  • Walking foot helps to maintain even material feed, when 2 or more layer of fabrics are stacked together and sewn. Extremely useful for quilting application, where long and_µ__straight stitches_µ__are being applied. The uneven feeding that causes pickling, elongation or shortening of material_µ__towards the end of a sewing_µ__line, will be drastically reduce, or eliminated when a Walking Foot is use.
  • An_µ__Open Toe walking foot_µ__allows a clearer_µ__view of needle penetration point, thus enabling_µ__stitches sewn at_µ__the desired position._µ__
  • 5mm width type_µ__are use by machine with 5mm zig-zag width, where 7mm width type_µ__are_µ__for sewing machine with_µ__7mm zig-zag width.
  • Straight-type are easier to apply_µ__couple with_µ__a higher presser force, handling the stiffer_µ__fabrics.
  • C-type_µ__has a_µ__smoother_µ__feed slide that suits the softer and sensitive fabrics.

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