PFAFF 591-940/02 BL N5 / N7 - Single Needle Top and Bottom Roller Feed Post-bed Machine
Industrial Post Bed Machine

PFAFF 591-940/02 BL N5 / N7 - Single Needle Top and Bottom Roller Feed Post-bed Machine

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PFAFF 591-940/02 BL N5 / N7 - Single Needle Right Hand Industrial Post-bed Machine with Wheel Feed, Needle Feed and Driven Roller Presser (Suitable for Sport-wear, Classic, Lady)

  • PFAFF 591- 940/02 Industrial Post-Bed Machine
  • Single-needle post-bed high-speed machine with wheel feed, driven roller presser, needle feed and edge trimmer (right post bed) - the specialist for close to- the-edge sewing operations and narrow radii.
  • Suitable for Sport-wear, Classic, Lady fine finishes.

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PFAFF 591-940/02 BL N5/N7 Industrial Post-Bed Machine Highlights

Modern Post-Bed High-Speed Machine Series - Mechanical Design

Single and double-needle post bed machines with the PFAFF INDUSTRIAL brand are the most-used equipment in the shoe industry. PFAFF has succeeded in achieving a true upgrade of this legendary machine generation with the new series 571 / 574 / 591. The modern and new designed case in the new PFAFF product lead design, the sturdy thread trimmer as well as the automatic hook lubrication are the distinguishing features of this new product range. The machines are equipped with integrated, energy saving drives.

This range is mostly used for nearly all top-stitching work with single or two needles in the shoe production. Ornamental and assembly seams on classic and sport shoes can be sewn easily and in a top seam quality. The whole range of light to medium-heavy materials is covered here. The machines guarantee maximum performance and quality at an extremely attractive price – reason enough for many well-known manufacturers to use PFAFF post bed machines for their production.

PFAFF 591-940/02 BL N5/N7 Industrial Post-Bed Machine Features


  • New design of this classic PFAFF machine for the shoe industry
  • Three roller presser versions available: cross toothed, rubber coated, straight toothed
  • Top-quality for all decorative and securing seams
  • Simple adjustment to number of backstack stitches via control panel
  • "Stitch in stitch" backtacking – no perforation of material
  • Easily adjustable thread trimmer for short thread ends (up to 15/3 syn.)
  • Overload clutch for hook protection
  • Edge guide for an accurate and consistent seam distance to the edge
  • A multi-function switch with pre-programmed functions is integrated in the sewing head - Reverse sewing / intermediate tacking, Backtack inversion, Needle up, without trimming
  • Seam length programming by control panel
  • Electromagnetic controlled functions for thread trimming and presser foot lifting (option)
  • -725/04: Edge trimming mechanism, bottom driven (option)
  • The LED light, which is built into the sewing head, creates optimum illumination of the sewing area
  • No compressed air required
  • Hand wheel within easy reach of the operator


  • Backtacking system
  • Thread trimmer
  • Automatic presser foot lift


Assembly and topstitching seams in shoes, leather goods and automotive interior


Needle System: 134 PCL
Needle Size: Version B 90 Nm, Version C 130 Nm
Max. Sewing Speeds: B 3.000 s.p.m / C 2.000 s.p.m
Max. Stitch Length: B 5,0 mm / C 7,0 mm
Stitch Type: 301 (Lochstitch)
Clearance Under Roller Presser: Max. 7,0 mm
Diameter of Roller Presser: Standard: 30 mm, Optional: 25 mm (only on 570/590 machines)
Clear Workspace: 245 x 275 mm
Connection Voltage: Single-Phase A.C. 230 V, 50/60 Hz

PFAFF 591-940/02 BL N5/N7 Industrial Post-Bed Machine Accessories and Parts

Download PFAFF 591-940/02 BL N5/N7 Industrial Post-Bed Machine Partlist

*Accessories content might vary and manufacturers reserve the right to change the content and/or accessories with similar value without prior notice.

Please check the product manual for the detailed list of included accessories.


Download PFAFF 591-940/02 BL N5/N7 Industrial Post-Bed Machine Brochure

Download PFAFF 591-940/02 BL N5/N7 Industrial Post-Bed Machine Instructional Manual

Download PFAFF 591-940/02 BL N5/N7 Industrial Post-Bed Machine Service Manual

PFAFF 591-940/02 BL N5/N7 Industrial Post-Bed Machine Review


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PFAFF 591-940/02 BL N5/N7 Industrial Post-Bed Machine Service and Repair


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Wide Table Unavailable
Threads Optional
Bobbins Available
Footers Available


Head 760mmx350mmx660mm | 36kg

Servo Motor 380mmx270mmx320mm | 10kg

Table 1090mmx590mmx60mm  | 22kg

Stand  50mmx660mmx260mm  |  26kg


Computer-aided options: 

PFAFF 591-900/83-910/17-911/50 CL N7 (25mm roller)

Single needle postbed lockstitch machine equipped with automatic thread trimmer, auto foot lift, auto backtack with MOTOR PFAFF P40 CD including panel

TABLE 570/590-900-MD4 (1070X540X40MM) including Tilt-Base


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