Gunold Sewing Embroidery & Quilting Thread - COTTY 30 Black 100% Cotton Threads Natural Threads with a Matt Finish
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Gunold Sewing Embroidery & Quilting Thread - COTTY 30 Black 100% Cotton Threads Natural Threads with a Matt Finish

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Gunold Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Thread - COTTY 30 - 300 COTTON THREADS - Natural Thread with a Matt Finish

100% Cotton Made in Italy / Greece

Code: 73110300 Black


Colours Available:

1) 73110 100 Bright White

2) 73110 300 Black

3) 73110 122 Navy Admiral Blue

4) 73110 348 Baby Blue Tint

5) 73110 070 Lilac Purple

6) 73110 101 Special Red

7) 73110 071 Pumpkin Pie Orange

8) 73110 262 Dark Mauve Pink

9) 73110 023 Primrose Yellow

10) 73110 068 Barnyard Grass Green

11) COMBO Price: 1 set 10 pieces above colors (300,100,122,348,070,101,071,262,023,068)

 Gunold Cotty Threads Cotton 500m colours


12) 73110 148 Teal Blue

13) 73110 235 Evergreen

14) 73110 027 Dark Turquoise 

15) 73110 011 Nutmeg Brown 

16) 73110 060 Poppy Red

Cone Type : King Cone - Able to fit on all home portable sewing machine , industrial machines. 

Size: 8.5cm Height

Fiber Content : Cotton

Needle Recommendation #1 : 75/11 for Thin Material

Needle Recommendation #2 : 90/14 Heavy Material

Solid, Ombre or Multi-Colored : Solid

Thread Weight : 30

Yardage: 500m

Brand: Cotty 30 Wt.

COTTY consists of 100% long staple, high quality mercerized Egyptian cotton with a matt finish. This thread has a uniquely soft, warm feel and pleases with its natural appearance. Natural threads work best on soft fabrics, cotton, linen, cord, felt and velvet. COTTY is available in size 30 for fine embroidery and seam applications or in size 12 for a coarser look, the typical handcrafted look.


Gunold Cotty Threads Cotton 500m

Gunold Cotty Threads Cotton 500m

  • In a Class of Its Own: Cotty™ is in a class of its own in look, and for your embroidery business that translates to more attractive products and more potential business.  There is no equal as Gunold produces the finest cotton thread available.
  • Outstanding Results: Our commercial customers report that our cotton embroidery thread produces jaw-dropping results on their customers' embroidery blanks and other embroidery garments. After applying our cotton embroidery thread to your sewout, you will immediately see the results these commercial customers are talking about. Gunold's cotton embroidery thread is perfect on embroidery blanks made of corduroy, felt, and velvet.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Cotty™ is considered to be among the most environmentally friendly embroidery threads available in commercial embroidery today. If you're looking for a "green" or "natural" thread, our 100% cotton thread is perfect for you.
  • Large Color Selection: At Gunold we strive to provide you a large selection of thread colors. Let our color selection speak for itself in your embroidery sewouts or display our color charts. Your customers won't be disappointed with your color selection.
  • Versatile: Cotton embroidery thread is perfect for a variety of sample sewouts and finished embroidery designs for your customers. From bold patterns to fine hemstitch embroideries, it works perfect in a variety of applications. Matte finish cotton embroidery threads can provide a one of-a-kind finish for your projects.

Our cotton embroidery thread is a perfect addition to your collection of embroidery supplies. Don't be surprised when your customers love Gunold's cotton embroidery thread so much that it becomes your favorite thread for a variety of options. You want to provide the best product to your customers, and we want to help you by providing you the best thread available today.

You can also try combining Gunold metallic threads and  Gunold Cotty Threads to achieve such a fantastic effect! :

Metallic Gold 7007. & Cotty Blue 027, Cotty Pink 262

Gunold Cotty Threads Cotton 500m

Gunold's 30 weight cotton embroidery thread is for those looking for thread capable of running on high-speed commercial embroidery machines. This natural thread comes in a variety of colors and is a versatile thread that should be a part of every commercial embroiderer's supplies for common applications like felt and corduroy. We want to help you by providing you and your embroidery business with the best thread possible including Gunold cotton thread. 


Gunold Sewing & Embroidery Threads - COTTY 30 White Cotton 100% Threads Natural Threads with a Matt Finish


Gunold Sewing & Embroidery Threads - COTTY 30 White Cotton 300 Threads Natural Threads with a Matt Finish

Gunold Sewing & Embroidery Threads - COTTY 30 White Cotton 300 Threads Natural Threads with a Matt Finish




Helpful Hints

Remember: Lower quality embroidery threads result in frequent thread breaks and lint accumulation. When this occurs this can lead to increased production costs - slowing down your production line,  wasting thread and higher machine maintenance expenses.


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Gunold Cotty #30 Specifications

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